The King of All Monsters, historically referred to as the Kamoblivion, is a giant monster the size of a mountain. It is a malevolent beast of Darkspawn origin which was created in order to help Chernabog establish a monster-populated world where he could spawn unholy beasts, all under control by this abomination. But thanks to the efforts of his enemies, this plan failed, and though the KAM was a match for them, they sealed it within a forbidden tomb that could only be opened by pure-hearted beings. Later on, when Spookavania was inhabited by monsters, they learned about the world's history thanks to discovering Darkspawn artifacts and pieces of history. The resting tomb of KAM would later be covered by a lawless city of Splatterpunk, where monsters of true darkness would fail to release the beast because no beings they could find were pure enough to open it's seal. This beast had the ability to control all monsters with it's telepathic mind, it had psionic abilities, and it had a variety of other abilities that make it too dangerous to be released. Being a Darkspawn creation, it has a personality on par with Gmork from NeverEnding Story, as such, it can speak, was philosophical and intelligent, and it was the ultimate master of scaring even monsters.


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KAM is a large monster which has the skin, and rocky armor of the monsters from the game Dante's Inferno, especially having the horns of the Juggernauts. It has two mouths stacked on each other, a flame-colored glowing head case, red glowing eyes, spines on it's back, a large lizard-like tail, 4 legs, and two large arms on it's back.

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