Po and the new Constelations were invited back into the Forbidden City to celebrate the Jade Jamperee, a celebration about the tale of the Dragon God Twins of Jade, with how Green Jade was a symbol of life and prosperity whereas Red Jade was a symbol dying and poverty, which explains perfectly enough why the drought occured with the red jade. The rest of the Lougers came along, along with Li and Grandma, and by extention Shi-Te because of interest to establish trade with the Forbidden City, and Mr. Ping, and 'Cart III'. Gong Ji and his warthog cronies invited themselves to it and everyone deemed it too awkword to make them leave, but they were considered relitively harmless enough apart from botched attempts at stealing valuables. However, just as the Jade Jamperee was about to start, Komodo Dragons in red jade armor busted into the scene, lead by a set of red-chi using warriors, a croc, a lace monitor, a mountain pit viper, a tortose, and a bigger komodo dragon, proclaiming himself as The Red Jade Emperor, of which the group had proceeded to snag Shi Long from the city after basicly kicking everyone's butts. Fan Tong was also snagged for reveiling himself as a "Fellow Red Chi user" when he charged with his chi sword, much to the chagrin of his girlfriend and current Jade Empress Xiao. Sun Wukong crudely arrives after the fact when he could've been a serious help to explain that the Red Jade Emperor came from a hidden kingdom on an uncharted island made entirely out of red jade, where the kingdom is pridominately reptiles, that worshipped the red jaded skeletal remains of the Red Jade Dragon God that was left like it after he was punished by his brother, the Green Jade Dragon, for trying to usurp him. Further explanation reveils once apawn a time, in Dinosaur Times, The Red Jade was ruler of the pre-existing Dionsaur Kingdoms, of which were named "Dragon-Kin", the original successors of Dragons before that implied to snakes, were the masters of all forms of colored chi. But then, Dinosaurs of this world, fell victims to the Dragozaurs, and caused the exiction of Dragon-Kin, of which the Red Jade Dragon, failed to stop. As punishment for the failure, the other Dragon Gods made his brother new king of the new age, of which had brought forth mammels and introdused a more diversed animal ranged. The Red Jade Dragon went mad with rage and anger, of which corrupted the red jade into what it became now, as he began causing droughts and dying forestes in an aim to bring back the Dragon Kin, only to be stopped by his brother in the end. Now exiled and fossilised on an island that got consumed by his red jade, the inhabitence of the reptile islanders came to worship him as a god, formed a Red Jade kingdom, and became masters of red chi. But an even shocking, but almost unsurprising, revelation was sown that the Red Jade Emperor, Ryo Jin Long, is actselly Shi Long's father, which makes Shi Ke Mo Duo, The Red Jade Empress, her mother. Shi Long was stolen from them by a rebeling maiden servent, a viper named Shé V Shé, who managed to escape the island and placed her at the steps of Xiao's family palace. Wukong explains that "She-She" is still alive, but working as a cook for a snake's only luxery ship that Fu-Xi luckly happens to know about. The group find her with help from him and his friends Tang Sanzang, Zhu Bajie, and Sha Wujing, but after a bit of a mishap with the crew, She V She was made to explain why she took Shi Long from them. She wanted Shi Long to avoid being raised into the empress that is prophecized to take over the world with the revived Dragon Kin as Indesttructable Terra-Cotta Soldiers powered by their bones with their inner chi as a power shorce, which is atthived by the arranged marriage with her and the legendary Red Phoenix, or at the very least the inhereiter of his red chi, of which the presence of two powerful red chi's of the Phoenix and that of the Red Jade imperial bloodline will be enough to revive the Red Jade Dragon God into his true form and awake the spirits of the Dragon Kin, leading to the restored age of the Dragon Kin. Now the group aim to stop the Red Jade Kingdom from making a fatal mistake bringing a mad god back from his punishment, and to save Fan Tong from being made to marry Shi Long, espeically since the two don't have a serious connection.

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