Kinya Oh Jlies Salaboom

Kinya Oh Jlies Salaboom

Kinya Oh Jlies Salaboom is a Kratosian serpent demon who terrorized Kratos long before there was even Superiors, let alone the First Cartoonian War in a completely different socity before Grotch Prometheus was even born. He was stated in Kratosian mythology to be a rogue demon from Tartarus that was created by other demons to consume all worlds in his path. He isn't a Darkspawn, an unclear legend states he existed even before darkspawn. He can become intangible through a smoky cloud, he can breath fire, he can control electricity and he can burrow through the ground with ease. It was until he attacked Kratos that he was defeated by an ancient female wizard named Ginny the Golden, who sacrificed herself by bonding with Kinya and giving him enough 'calories' to put him to sleep. Kinya is very similar to Galactus, feeding on worlds and all of it's resources and life for nourishment. It's not until someone with noble heart and mind gets into his stomach that he feels full and he falls asleep for over a thousand years. But, other ways to defeat him have been long forgotten and lost throughout time. But whoever comes across these secrets could be a great hero. Because he is a pre-existent evil, Kinya doesn't speak English, and only speaks in an extinct ancient dialect that nobody can understand. Even that ancient dialect is printed on his body. But he does have the power to process someone unlucky enough to serve as his "translater" slave to be forced to become his "herold of doom fortolding".


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