Kirias Hazisna, A.K.A., Kiras the Leader as her designated Phend title, was the daughter of two leaders of a defected Phend tribe from the main race. Her entire family were slaughtered by fanactics aiming to hope that killing Phend tribes (regaurdless of defect status) would provoke the main race into attacking Iallog to get them to induse true peace via bringing death to the rulers that ruined the planet, even at the risk of living under Phendian Law, the fanactics would rather have that then Iallog being in perpetual war. Just when Kirias was gonna be next, she was save by a cross-breed couple that work for a fanactic slaying group, known as the Order of Iallogia, the duo being a stoic and battle-harden Skep female named Jus Ticea and a Xorbeak inventer with a known clumsy but effective history named Professor K. Luts. The duo adopted Kirias to raise as their own with her parents slain by the madmen. Thus, she grew up and became the best of the order, and befriended three comrades, an excitable Jokedon female named Teasey S. Urprise, who used pranks and jokes to defeat the fanactics of Iallog, A strong, dumb but gold-hearted Bullarn from an outcasted family named Longhorno, and a bold but over-confident Neanea named To'pacas, who is with repressed feelings for Kirias in wanting to avoid compromising their friendship with romance, let alone the fact that so many fanactics would quickly leap at using it against them. Along side her friends and Jus and the Professor, Kirias also has pets fighting along side her and/or her getting her out of a dire situation, like her trusted pet unsentient but aware Scawk she named Cover-Wing, her noble Campion steed Skrasszo, and her Lizardapede pet that helps with quick escapes named Lizzy.

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