Knuckerbocker is an Equestrian dragon from the Isles of Scaly in Draconia and is one of the oldest living dragons in Equestria living during the post-Chaos War era was the original owner of Knuckerbocker's Shell, a relic currently kept in the School of Friendship by Professor Spoonful which can summon a dragon army when it's blown into. He is first introduced to have helped Daring Do and her uncle Gallant True, or Uncle Adventure, reach the Isles of Scaly in Chapter 10 of Daring Do and the Eternal Flower, "Travel the Scales", in order to help keep the Eternal Flower, a flower with infinity symbol-shaped roots that grants immortality, from falling in the hands of Ahuizotl, and had also helped Daring on a previous adventure.

Role in the series

He is one of the ancient interracial friends of Vibe Idol, but is still alive because of dragons' insane longevity, and he is said to have been a renowned dragon general for one of Draconia's rulers before King Drakesis, creating the shell with the help of a magical sea dragon, as well as one of Vibe's daemon companions, Dike Vanguard, to fight against the most dangerous of dragon overlords, one of which was Scales, the dragon lord of Smolder's Hearth's Warming story, who actually has a radically different story than told because the story of Scales being a usurper was actually a fabrication told for the theme of depressing endings for the Dragons' holiday, and Knuckerbocker's great aunt, that also wanted the Eternal Flower, which was actually planted by Queen Elixia, and after helping Vibe in her soul-searching adventure, he went to the Isles of Scaly, the former island home of Scales, in retirement. He still resides here but is bored beyond belief, alongside being a bit of a grouch on his especially boring days, which explains why he has no reservations on helping Daring Do at all because at least it's something to him.

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