Koman the Great Evil

Koman Iur Stroxxard, AKA Koman the Great Evil

Koman Iur Stroxxard, AKA Koman the Great Evil, is an Alternate UUniversal Tiliton from the Moon of Trask. He was a member of it's military that was ordered to go to the dreaded planet of Gravenous in order to retrieve sensitive info about the formation of the Villains Act. However, when he ended up getting betrayed by his own superiors mistaking him as a possible Villains Act corrupted insider and left to die in the claws of the planet's ravenous Xulture Men, resulting in him being found and brought back to life as a cyborg, he used his newfound powers to slaughter his entire military circuit, and fled back to Gravenous to become not just it's only 'sane' inhabitant, but also it's ruler. He used smuggled power to get most of the Xulture Men to serve him and kill anyone who opposed him, and gained several robot assistants named Iinga-M327, Mago-M226, and Zukan-M566, all with equally-powerful arsenals. He was so sadistic that he even revived the dead bodies of his victims and turned them into his subjects. He wanted nothing to do with the Villains Act, and the feelings' mutual with the VA since he was a serious monster and was considered to have the potential to 'Yarge out' on them. However, when Xemantha ended up changing reality, Koman's power would still remain since he wasn't a part of the Villains Act, which technically meant he remained the same, and this would make him an interesting candidate for The Kafar Loyalists and The Black Yargers.


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