Kongque is a peacock from the Kung Fu Panda world. Kongque is a vigilantie son of a noblemen who is netourious of charging head first into danger even at unsurviveable odds. Often armed with Chi-Powered weapons, Kongque is brave, determined, but idiotic in terms in practicallity as he always enters the battle blabbing his mouth off and disrespecting any and all foes. One time, Kongque ended up being over-wealmed by insulted Mongolian Mauraders and was almost pulverised to deaht until rescued by Jade Tusk. Tusk took Kongque under her wings because she both admired his bravery, but had issues on how brash he is, and proceeded to teach him humility. After awhile, Kongque frond that perfect stance in bravery but practically, as he was able to clevery but bravely defeat a gang of dangerious robbers that were stealing in the city. Thus, Tusk deemed it perfect to make Kongque worthy of the title of Red Phenox of The Four Constellations. However, that never came to be when the original Four desided against that when Tusk' cousin, Kun Lao, the emeperor, genosided the River Dolphins. Of any of the intended Four that went to stop Tusk' rampage against the emperor, Kongque was the one who fought her the most for he was willing to risk harm from her enraged state to protect her from both herself and the consiquences behind killing an emperor, along with protecting royalty. After awhile, Tusk was finally subdued and redused to tears, Kongque kept calm and stoick even with feeling injuries from Tusk's rage. Even after everything, Kongque kept a positive outlook for Tusk, reckitneseing a bad bind when he sees him, being in such himself once, and kept close to Tusk even at her more darker times come the Jade Cult takepover.

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