Kolwalski begins to become curious of Rainbow Dash's speed abilitys. so while the other lougers get well-deserved relaxsation, Kolwalski pays Equestia a visit, and desides he is going to do tests on Rainbow Dash's speed. he suspect that if Rainbow were to go fast enough, he might have time travel capabilies! however, when that did happened, they ended up going back in the time of old equestia when it was just founded. it was after the defeat of the Windieos and all the races now get along. Kolwalski unintentionally gets the oppertuneity to learn more of the old history. However, he and Rainbow unknowingly are about to face a time-travelling illegal Superior gecko chrono-terrorist named Jaxon the Krononaut who seeks to prevent Equestria from happening because, of all the reasons, he wanted revenge on an exspenive hotel in Equestia for kicking him out (Stupidest reason in the world) and Rainbow and Kolwalski must stop him.




Back To The Future Soundtrack - Back In Time with Lyrics

Back To The Future Soundtrack - Back In Time with Lyrics

Intro Theme (Huey Lewis- Back in Time) Coming soon...
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