Lord Texcoco Krakatoa

Lord Texcoco Krakatoa is an Odontodactylus scyllarus mantis shrimp from SpongeBob's world. He is a powerful socceror who is posing as a giant isopod named Irwin, by possessing an unsentient isopod (In SpongeBob's world, they are not sentient and are like overgrown cockroaches with the mannorisums of pigs) to get access of the monstrous Lalalavahot, an extremophilic Cambrian living fossils evolved from Hallucigenia-like creatures called Subterradonts. In his time, Krakatoa's Aztec people in the shores that border the Ring of Fire believed that these creatures were gods who lived in the volcanoes like ants in an anthill, and controlled the Ring of Fire itself, and even though people like Krakatoa knew of their true nature, they still worshipped them as a herald species. People like Krakatoa see them as the ones who bring forth an Aztec Resurgence in the event their wonderful civilizations would be destroyed. When they were by corrupt conquistadors, Krakatoa was a survivor who used a spell to make him immortal so he can ensure the Aztec Resurgence comes true, posing as a giant isopod to get Lalalavahot, located in the volcano of Bikini Bottom, to awaken and destroy the world and rebuild it into an Aztec paradise. He eventually does so with careful manipulation of certain heroes while making Earthy Spirule look like a be-crazed tyrant, helped little that one of his partners is abit of an aggressive asshole. He has a zombieived mobster pistol shrimp along side him named Gunsby, a lost mobster who died in the caverns after a fatal injury from the police of the time, as Krakatoa reserected him as his undead henchmen to serve him unquestioningly as a zombie with still some memory to use his deadly gun pincher.


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As a mantis shrimp, Krakatoa has powerful punching arms that move fast enough to knock people out, having the speed and strength of a bullet. Added with the dangerous claws, it can inflict painful gashes. They can even shatter concrete and rock. Gunsby, as a pistol shrimp, a related relative to mantis shrimp, can punch faster and just as hard which is why he's with Krakatoa at all times.

Aside from his natural punching prowess, Krakatoa is also a powerful sorcerer.

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