Kratosian City

A Kratosian City

Kratos is a planet inhabited by superpowered beings known as Superiors. The planet is much different than Earth because it has different continents, different history, and a different government. Kratos has been the home of many superpowerful beings since the discovery of quantonium (Monsters vs. Aliens). The planet has one moon, which has been terraformed to be mostly for quantonium research.

PTE Redux Conditions: This world will be renamed Heracles, after the fact that Hercules was the inspiration for superheroes, and named after the Roman name. Also, humans will also populate some of the planet.


Kratos is named after the Greek word for 'power'. Like Earth, it's continents started out as a supercontinent. But instead of breaking apart during the mid Jurassic, it broke apart in the mid Teritary. But unlike the breakup of Earth, other kinds of continents were formed. And just like Earth, Kratos has one moon called 'Nike' (Named after the Greek word for 'victory') which was airless and uninhabitable. Nike was formed in the same way the moon was formed: a planet-sized object bombarded into Kratos, causing debris to circle around the planet, and eventually form into one giant moon.

The inhabitants of Kratos were actually brought there by Zeus in order to create a place where animals would be on their own. The inhabitants are all animals from every part of Earth, all part of a Greek culture, and in 130 BC, started off as normal just like the rest of the UUniverses. The First Cartoonian War was still waging darkness and chaos. The Darkspawn was much stronger than the superiors, and managed to enslave them for their uselessness. Then came the day the superiors that were free from enslavement discovered something intriguing. The benevolent and wise leader of a wealthy clan, Grotch Prometheus, had discovered quantonium (Monsters vs. Aliens) inside a highly radiant meteorite that crashed right near his home as it was being invaded by Darkspawn. The quantonium caused Prometheus to become gigantic, intelligent, and powerful enough to defeat the Darkspawn and save his home. Prometheus then used the quantonium to power up members of his clan, making them giant superpowered citizens. And as the years passed, Prometheus discovered electricity, medicine, and space travel, and soon became wealthy and rich. And to top it off, his citizens started populating, and thanks to their heredity and a bit of genetic research, their offspring were superpowered as well. Soon enough, though, they decreased in size, and eventually returned to normal size, completing their path to becoming what they are now: Superiors.

However, Superior kind didn't exist as automaticly as that. There were obstacles Grotch had to overcome, starting with his home's then-ruler Emperor Avataraverse, who, while not truthfully ungrateful, was against the idea of possessing superpowers because of his family's preferred measures of keeping their people normal, and that using superpowers would be like 'playing God', being that they were a family of god worshippers that were afraid of upstaging them and would risk an olympian doomsday (They're tecnecally not wrong, but the main Olympian gods of the Disney Universe would've discourage any of the like, thus rendering the Avataraverse's family worries rather moot and for naught). When the people got started to spite him for his unpopular beliefs, he lost his sense of better judgement as he banned all quantonium production and declared the substance illegal, even going out of his way to start contain-parties to hunt down and de-power superiors, even if the results were often near-fatal, which only served to make the enmaddened emperor more unpopulater, if not no longer redeemable in the eyes of some. This resulted in an uproar from his people to where quantonium-infused people fought for their freedoms, resulting in the Good-Evil Wars. Even though he was morally ashamed of what this act would make him, the Emperor had to fight fire with fire by using superpowers to compete with them, even at the price of donning hypcracty and gaining hatred from even his own family (At least those that didn't addhere to his madness). They fought away from civilization in battledomes to prevent any collateral damage, fighting for 2 straight centuries, when eventually it resulted in Grotch winning the fight, and executing the Emperor for his actions, and though this would lead to his son, Alexander Avataraverse, swearing revenge, the success and popularity of quantonium augmentation technology resulted in a renaissance that started with the foundation of the Renaissance School, where it both introduse willing non-superiorised Kratosians to become superiors, as well as to make heroes in respondse of a villain-flux during the days of the war's aftermath.

This school, founded and run by Almighty Mane, has been successful for doing many things for Superiors everywhere, which had a leaderboard to ensure their success and learnings, and even had classes that specified in a specific superpower, and offered many other grand opportunities that shaped the concept of both heroism and villainy as much as the Good-Evil Wars made the basis of it. However, it had some level of unfairness to it at times, as there were competitions that entailed that the weakest member gets expelled, among others, yet they existed because, in a world where harsh realities were starting to run rampant, the school did everything in it's power to get their students to acknowledge it. However, a former student who was an unfortunate victim of this, along side being bullied by stronger students and had been depowered to the point that his powers but his slightly damaged longivity are gone, a young brother of Almighty named Inmighty Mane, was expelled for being a weak member, even after he exposed his bullies as to why he was a weak member, thus resulting in him getting revenge by becoming a senator who declared that, with clever legal support, along with the fact it was becoming redunent that pretty much the entire planet are superiors now,, the school was no longer needed, and thus was shut down. This resulted in an uproar by it's students that wished to have Inmighty pay for sins, but this campaign, while successful, was still bittersweet because Inmighty gave zero fucks about it as he only became senator to take down the school and was aiming to retire anyway, caring not to still maintain power or not as he only wanted to be rid of the pain the school put him through, walking off to never be seen again. Fact of the matter is, even with Inmighty no longer in charged, other facters kept the Renaissance Shcool from coming back due it no longer being nessasary as everyone was a superior now and that the regulations were a legit concern, coming from an angry jerk side, and ultamately because Inmighty wasn't the only victim of these standerds that any who had loved the school are considered an outdated minority. Thus, it gravely demoralized Almighty to where he has never seen ever since.

All the while, Prometheus was standing tall as the first ruler of Kratos along with his old half brother, Grinchgrog, who was exiled after trying to turn every superior evil. Prometheus was the one who gave superiors their superpowers with the use of quantonium. After his death at age 1105, others took his place, including the current Algorithm family. However, there was one minor conflict involving the Sea Superiors, who were relocated to Kratos' twin planet, a waterworld called Lagoola, which is at the same mass and diameter of Kratos. It was discovered before Grotch discovered quantonium, was named after a Kratosian mythological water paradise told in a Kratosian tragedy, and has been confirmed to be the first habitable place for Superiors. But while it was set to be colonized soon, it had to be colonized immediately because of Aquatic Superiors complaining about the accidental threats that Superiors have caused on their ocean homes. Grotch decided that they be relocated to the clean and organic oceans of Lagoola. A space cruiser containing all the Aquatic Superiors brought them there within 3 months due to their improper hyperdrives, but Lagoola was made a great home of the Aqua Superiors ever since. Now, Superiors from Kratos rarely visit Lagoola once they developed more into their space travel technology. In fact, Lagoola Superiors, since they were attacked by hostile other-worldly invaders, have become a bit xenophobic.

Over the years, a few wars have stirred. One of them was the devastating Omnitrix War, which was the result of con artists suing a hero named Lord Malvonio Omnitrix for property damage, or other reasons, some making no sense. This went on so much he was banned from herowork, forcing him to become an ultra-powerful supervillain. The war lasted a few years until Grotch fought Omnitrix head-on, and was unable to convince him to stop his villainy, having no choice but to use ununoctium to weaken him enough to freeze him in carbonite. Another was the result of an accidental world-damaging earthquake called 'The Big Shake' caused by a machine made by the family of Master Algorithm, who was made a mentor of Grotch. This resulted in the Kratosian Civil War, which was when several surviving Superiors were struggling to gain resources to survive, and this made a criminal community smuggle resources and uses them to manipulate the people into causing a war. The leader of the criminal community, Lord Kilopann Genocide, has been able to make this war last for years. But then, time was mysteriously altered by a Superior named Corbin Paradox, who made his past self fake his death, go AWOL on the Chronokinetics Agency, and seemingly kill Kilopann when Grotch was originally the one who killed him. However, Kilopann survived, and with the timeline altered, his weakness was never discovered, and he is still plotting revenge.

After a few centuries, Grotch died at age 1105. This left Master Algorithm in charge, and since he didn't have his ability to live longer, he replaced his body with machinery to perfect his earthquake device to bring visitors back to Kratos by turning all the continents on Kratos into a large supercontinent. He still remains the leader to this day, and just a few years later, he had been struggling to keep Kratos safe from a few threats including The Mimic Cult, a cult of Superiors who shared the pain of being discriminated for their ability to absorb and copy the superpowers of other Superiors by touch. They had been targeting Ororo Joltzen, an ocelot with the same superpower, so Algor had to illegalize the superpower to keep her safe. But he never realized that Ororo and her 5 friends would rebel against him for this, leaving him no choice but to banish her to Paradisa with no memories, and leave her friends with no memory of who she is. However, not all of them lost their memories. It won't be until a few years later until things are changed forever.


Kratos Globe Map

Kratos Globe Map

Kratos has 6 continents, 4 oceans, dozens of cities, and 1 totalitarian democratic government. Kratos' Capital City, Prometheon, is what holds the ruler of Kratos, and his/her kingdom. Instead of multiple buildings like Washington DC, the governmental hot spot is a huge temple fitted with adamantium armor called the Prometheus Temple, with everything the government needs inside. However, every city needs a mayor, so smaller adamantium temples are placed in the center of each city where the mayor runs the city, and so on and so forth.

Every continent and country is all ruled by a totalitarian democratic government. Each continent is ruled by a single Senator, and a single president ("Supreme Master") ruled the entire government in Prometheon. The government has a legislative, executive, and judicial branch. The legislative branch makes laws, controls how Superiors use their powers, and handle the currency systems, consisting of over 88 members. The executive branch is where the Supreme Master lies, where he has limited control of the other 2 branches and Elemental Agencies, but has unlimited control of the government. The judicial branch handles court cases, reviews laws, and in order to be a judge, you have to have the ability to take away someone's superpowers.

The cities are large and have among the finest technology and architecture. Metals vary in silver, bronze, copper, gold, aluminum, titanium, uranium, platinum, and adamantium (Inherited in trade routes with S.H.I.E.L.D). They have 3 types of traffic: Non-Vehicle, which flying Superiors fly around the city through flying route signs to avoid traffic, Ground, which is cheaper than Air, and Air, which has unlimited directions to go into, yet has the same kind of traffic patterns as ground traffic. Superiors prefer to fly through the city, but they also have to follow the flight routes by law, which usually go into multi-route areas where a vast gap can allow Superiors to fly into different flight routes. Also, just like speeding, flying too fast can call for a ticket.

Because of the damage that can be done with superpowers, the government has to have enough money to pay for them. So, like most worlds which are terrorized on a daily basis, they have a governmental system that automatically pays for the damages. That's why it's illegal to make buildings out of wood, bricks, or cinder blocks, or have glass windows. Instead, buildings must be made of tough durable metals, and windows have to be made of carbonium, a transparent glass-like substance that resists a rocket blast.

Superpowers, while they are the Superiors' main source of power, are also limited by law. Rules have been made to prevent them from being used for unlawful and offensive reasons. Several crimes evolved from these powers. Quantonium, since it is the source of these superpowers, is a popular favorite to smugglers, and all the quantonium on Kratos is stored on Nike. Some superpowers are strict, including time travel. Each Superior must have a superpower permit in order to use their superpowers. Also, amplifying superpowers to higher levels, called 'amping', is illegal. Plus, Superiors aren't allowed to have no powers at all, and other-worldly beings aren't allowed to become Superiors. Most importantly, Omnipotence was pronounced illegal, and it was a crime for a superior to become omnipotent, called 'Omnipowerization'.

Culture and Popularity

Kratos has had various kinds of holidays. While they have Christmas, Halloween, Easter, Thanksgiving, and Valentine's Day, they also have other kinds of holidays. Quantum Day is the celebration of the discovery of Quantonium and the birth of Superior-kind, and Trustworthiness Day, which celebrates the Superiors' peace and harmony with other-worldly beings.

Because superheroes are a popular form of fiction, Kratos has been a great place to make stories and comic books based on fiction or non-fiction events that take place in the Superiors' world. There are plently of Superior comic companies, but only 2 comic companies have the greater cultureal influence: Generation Comics and XD Comix. These 2 comic companies make fortunes selling comic books all over the UUniverses. Of course, Kratos loves reading comic books from DC Comics and Marvel Comics. In fact, these comic companies along with the Kratos comic companies share a trade route with each other which allow each other to spread their comics all over the UUniverses and Kratos. The comics of Kratos are just as popular in the UUniverses as the 2 other comic studios, introducing a variety of superheroes such as the Hero Society of Kratos (XD Comix), the Titaneers (XD Comix), the Victorians (XD Comix) and it's subsequent spin-off series following Agent Mathis and the Crystal Agency (XD Comix), the Challenger Children (XD Comix) and it's own spin-off following The Stand-Lone Kidz (XD Comix), The Guardians of Justice (Generation Comics), C.A.S.T.L.E (Generation Comics), The Enigmas (Generation Comics), the Justice Continuum (Generation Comics), and even The Amazing Nine (Generation Comics). Both of these comic companies have their own histories. Sometimes, some comic series have two versons of the same story: the child-friendly ones, and the adult ones, each being for the appropriate age. The kid versons often have a more comedic twist of the same story, both heroes and villains tend to act abit more goofy, and sometimes they house forth-wall jokes and product endorsement, while the adult versons are almost depressingly and darkingly serious. But for the most part, the majority of comics in Kratos only have one verson of each. Everything made by Generation Comics only have adult versons, though they do sell more tamer but still serious versons of the stories of their comics, which as said before are still serious, but are less depressing and violent and they often more or less dumb-down the complincated dialog so kids can have a freaking idea what they're talking about, while XD Comix's products are often aimed soley for kids, though they have entered a controversey of trying to introduse "Darker and Edgier" villains in respondse to critics of their comics saying that their comics are being too childish, of which those same critics hypocritically called them out for "Immaprobeate" content, historicly inadvertingly invented the seperate Kid/adult versons for both comic companies to use. XD Comix would eventally redeem their mistakes by making their darker villains either only appear once, discontinue them entirely, or reinvent them as idiotic parodies of the original idea and pretty much return their comics back to being child friendlier, and learning not to take critics that seriously and learn to balence between still being approbeate for children but still given their comics edge so they won't be accused of being "Too-Kid Friendly". They even get their own channel called SuTV (Didn't use 'STV' because that name is already taken because of course it is), which brings common superhero programming including those on the CW, or even others like Powerless, which became a big hit even at it's first episode on Kratos.

In the days before the Superiors discovered quantonium, their world was like Ancient Greece, having various wars, cultures, and believed in the same Greek Gods, which they believe live on Mt. Eon in the Eonith Mountains (The Kratos version of Olympus). This kind of culture is where their world's name originated. They still retain remnants of this culture today. Even though they have an American-like society and a democratic government, they are more Greek-like, still exercising their talents of art, literature, science (Which evolved rapidly), music and dance, cuisine, and sports (Except for the fact that they used to play nude). Since their mythological stories were similar to superhero stories, that was what they usually called themselves a few centuries after they discovered their superpowers. Their own Greek language evolved into English after their work of literature and plays continued to grow, as well as when they first met other-worldly beings.

While most of Kratos has a Greek culture, other cultures are known to be on Kratos such as Japanese, Russian, Spanish, British, and American. Apparently, as Zeus saw that the Superior culture was running a bit low, he decided that other gods of other countries should have their own marks on Kratos. Thus, Gods from various other countries made their own landmarks of culture on Kratos. This worked out better for the world. Technologies grew faster, and even accelerated to futuristic levels.


Nike Moon Map

Nike Moon Global Map

Nike, Kratos' moon, was just like the Moon is today: airless, weak in gravity, and has no soil. However, when quantonium was discovered, in 25 years time, superiors first set foot on Nike thanks to their increasing intelligence. And 5 years later, they terraformed the moon within 2 weeks. Once it was done, Nike had an atmosphere that could sustain life. There was fertile soil, there were saltwater and freshwater lakes and seas, there was breathable oxygen in the atmosphere, and a little ozone layer needed to be added as well.

The lakes and seas of Nike were pure enough to sustain undersea life both saltwater and freshwater, and were perfect for swimming. However, the terraforming processes had altered the chemical compositions of some of the seas, giving them new quantities. But even though these quantities were present, the water still remained pure and drinkable (except when it's saltwater). Two examples include Nike's Amoebozoic Sea, and it's Luminozoic Sea.

  • The Amoebozoic Sea is composed of millions of single-celled organisms that resemble amoeba. Having been created by the Meteorokinetics Agency by the intense weather and conditions, the amoebic organisms were created the same way life on Earth was created billions of years ago. With these small organisms, called Amebozoids by the superiors, the Amoebozoic Sea has become a living gelatinous river mass that grabs prey with it's gelatinous tentacles. This amazing quality gives it the trait of being researched.
  • The Luminozoic Sea was formed the same way the Amoebozoic Sea was formed, but instead of Amoebozoids, there were luminous protozoans called Luminozoids. These protozoans don't catch prey like Amebozoids, instead they are photosynthetic. The Luminozoic Sea is safe to swim in (unlike the Amoebozoic Sea, which will eat you alive when you step in), but when you become completely submerged, by the time you surface, you will actually glow thanks to being covered by millions of Luminozoids. However, this effect wears off, and doesn't hurt, instead, the Luminozoids just float off you, and return to it's underwater home. This makes it also good for scientific research.

The research labs and cities of Nike are contained within giant transparent domes made of carbonium, a transparent substance that is nearly as strong as titanium, keeping the cities and labs heavily secured. Each city has 1-23 domes that are marked with Greek letter initials (Alpha-Omega), and are connected with tunnels that transport people through each dome. The biggest dome is the Alpha dome. While some domed facilities and cities are found on land, they can even be found underwater in the seas, or even above water. Some labs lay a few feet above water, mainly the Luminozoic Sea and the Amebozoic Sea for scientific research. While certain facilities research the Amoebozoic Sea and the Luminozoic Sea, their main method of research is on quantonium, which superiors rely on.



  • Prometheon- Capital City
    • Prometheus Temple
  • New Athens (City)
  • Olympia (City)
  • Glare City

Eonith Mountains

  • Mt. Eon
    • Temple of Eon


  • Proxx City
  • New Thebes (City)

Glycerinor Mountains

  • Marror (Mountainside City)

Terre Desert

  • Drinoide (City)


Olart Desert

  • Kryptite (City)
  • Gospella (City)
  • Xenon City

Zola Mountains

  • Zolanna (City)

Turbite Mountains

  • Turbane (City)


  • New Sparta (City)

Lifisa Mountains

  • Zorba City
  • Hellen (City)

Arinax Desert

  • Odyssi (City)

Arinax Mountains


  • Arcadia (City)
  • Calypsoe (City)

Nitrades Mountains

Nari Oax Island Belt

  • Harmony (City)
  • New Troy (City)
  • Oedipus (City)

Nari Inx Island Belt

  • Argo (City)
  • Wharnoe (City)

Junaught Valley


  • Pyre City

Halcygon Desert

  • Halcyon (City)

Inlilympus Mountains

Olimayas Mountains

  • Herodoton (City)
  • Groon (City)

Omnivax Mountains


  • Tartarus Valley
  • Hades (Underground City)
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