Kreeka J. Shade is an Alternate UUniversal Metavincemander from Planet Racon Prime. Growing up in a criminal society ruled by Grutts, and being a former slave to one such, she escaped and became a mercenary spy. While lucky enough to had avoided the meta disappearence of the events of The Land Unknown, she was eventually recruited by Xerxes XX and Sgt. Crush, being a spy for them for several years, because of her being a single mother with a brother and children living in a poverty sector of Racon Prime, struggling for years. She wanted a way to give her family a better life. But since Xerxes and only go so far, she was forced to turn to the likes of Pang Bing, who promised she could not only help them, but cure their diagnosed OIDS (Omni-Immune Deficiency Syndrome, and AUU AIDS), in exchange for servitude. Despite this meaning they needed to betray her other loyalties, she accepted, and later on, when Pang Bing was defeated, she was turned in by her previous masters for her betrayal, and while she would be sent to prison, it won't be a periment stay, as she and her family would be liberated from their less then satisfactory conditions.


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