was a Dark Hunter. His species was a lower class on the island of Stelt (also home to Sidorak's species). Krekka left the island after a run-in with a representative of the Brotherhood of Makuta which resulted in him losing one eye. This representative turned out to be Gorast. He traveled from island to island and eventually was recruited by the Dark Hunters. He was soon paired with the more-intelligent Nidhiki.

During one of their first trials, they served the Brotherhood of Makuta in defending the Mask of Light.

On their last mission, Nidhiki and Krekka kidnapped Toa Lhikan and tried to stop the Toa Metru from finding the six Great Kanoka Disks. Nidhiki blackmailed one of the Matoran, Ahkmou, into helping him get the Great Disks, but this failed as the Toa Metru were able to get to them first. Later, Krekka and Nidhiki ambushed the Toa. In the end, Teridax faced the Toa and absorbed the two Dark Hunters (Including Nivawk) into his body to increase his power, killing them.

Personality and Traits[1]Edit

"You fool!"
—Nidhiki about Krekka

Krekka was unintelligent, but made up for his stupidity with sheer brute strength. He excelled in combat, and was smart enough to leave the planning to those who knew what they were doing. His trainer, Nidhiki, was extremely annoyed with him, and was reluctantly teamed up with him during the mission to sabotage Zamor spheres.

Krekka's greatest attribute was his sheer brute strength, though he could also fire Energy nets. He also had a shoulder-mounted Kanoka Disk Launcher.

darkspawn warriorhood and the fang empire[8]EditEdit

cause of his soul ending up in the banished realms, along with Nidhiki, his body was restored along side Nidhiki. he was dubbed as the dark spawn warrior of brutal force, and the personal darkspawnic hunter for Malefor, fitting that he's a dark hunter, when, came the day he, Nidhiki, and the Rahkshi were magicly summoned by Emperor Fang, who easily earns the loyalty o Krekka cause of sheer Obidience and because Nidhiki and the Rahkshi already showed a simuler loyalty to Fang. if weren't for Nidhiki being his "better haif" and that brute force is considered a nice attribute for him, Fang wouldn't even bother freeing Krekka, and even if he did, one mistake it would of take to be sented back without a second thought to the banished realms.

history with spongebob.[9]EditEdit

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