Kroge Kosh Molay

Kroge K. Molay is an Alternate UUniversal Bancu from Planet Jinter. He is a bear-like porcupine and a former leader of the system's Ezzoy Bandits who are descended from the Ezzoyan Brigand on Planet Ezzoy. He doesn't elaborate clearly on the details of his past, but whatever he went through to make him the blood-drinking, meat-loving antihero killer that he is, it is noted he wasn't always like that. His psyche has a remnant of who he used to be: a split personality voice in his head that, out of desperate attempts to be the superior personality, forces Kroge to kill everyone, but he fights him off and only kill the deserving, and to help others. The personality often remarks that he remembers the wanton destruction love he got out of killing people and getting paid with loot for it, but nothing he ever says gets him far because he almost succeeded in the unknown and unspecified day that turned him around for good, only deciding to get loot through his friends in the Vault Seekers, trading, hunting for bounties, treasure hunting, and anything similar. It's also specified that should Kroge's bad side ever take over, he has already asked his peers to kill him as, the last time he was nearing corruption, he killed countless people in a mass murder of unmentionable proportions, meaning that the personality is better off dead than leaving him alive. In the graphic backstory he explained in little detail, when working for the Ezzoyan Bandits, he wandered the wastelands of Jinter, wielding only his buzz-axe, killing the bandits and many other hostiles who attempted to kill him. The inner voice seemed to have far less influence on his actions in those days, barely able to keep his blood-lusting vessel from targeting hostiles over non-combatants. After narrowly avoiding getting splattered by a mag-train, Kroge saw Taya at the train station. His inner voice somehow knew she is both a Censen and a Vault Seeker, and told Krieg to kill her despite her offering to take care of him and him trying to accept. Under the personality's control, Kroge screamed at the top of his lungs "I'm the conductor of the POOP TRAIN!", causing Taya to misinterpret this as being hostile and opened fire at Kroge, only to attract Vrat Bandits. Too focused on Kroge, Taya does not notice the cannibalistic and infectious Plaguogan bandits approaching from behind. Kroge was able to control himself long enough to warn her about the bandits, while fighting the personality into throwing his buzzaxe at one of the rats while the personality was trying to throw it at her. After retrieving his axe, Kroge tells her to run, which she does while Kroge fights off the Vrat Bandits. Afterwards, after controlling himself again, he went with the Vault Seekers to Fyregem where he became a Vault Seeker. Aside from that, he has explained nothing about his past. He is the AUU parallel to Borderlands Krieg, and thus has similar abilities and personality aside from some original changes, and the Ezzoyan Bandits, like the Brigand they're descended from, are AUU parallels to Borderlands Psychos, the trademark masked bandits of the franchise.


Kroge was born as an Ezzoy Bandit from Planet Jinter, the first planet in the system to be colonized after the Uridians' extinction. Though it's appeal in resources gave birth to the lawless society that eventually spread across the planet. Kroge was the son of the leader of a clan of EBs, born with a split personality that was forcing him to kill people and fulfill his father's wishes as his heir, or kill them both. Forced into it when his father died, he ended up finding loopholes by only killing those who deserved to die and nearly killing those who didn't. With the evil split personality starting to dominate him, Kroge was forced to turn the tables around by concussion. The concussion switched the personalities around. Now the evil personality was the dominant one, while the original was the one tormenting him. Now the good personality was the one threatening to kill them both if he didn't undo the bad things he forced him to do. With no choice, the evil personality ended up leaving the clan for good.

Wandering the Beofynzeny System, Kroge's good side threatened to kill them both if he killed even one innocent soul. The bandits out here mostly deserved death, which offered a good excuse for Kroge to be gruesome and murderous. The evil personality ended up slightly reformed when he found better satisfaction slaughtering bandits left and right, and building power from all the looted stuff he stole. He ends up meeting the Vault Seekers by coming across Taya after almost being run over by a magtrain, rescuing her from bandits with his buzzaxe. Believing him to be hostile and only killing the bandits to steal the glory after he screams "I'm the conductor of the POOP TRAIN!" discovering what she was, and being stopped by his good side via a near-heart-attack, she immediately opened fire on him, inadvertently attracting the attention of a group of Vrat Bandits. Kroge rescues her again from Vrat Bandits sneaking up from behind, and reunites her with the other Vault Seekers while holding the Vrat Bandits off, and ended up following them to Fyregem, the capital of Vault Seekers, after learning about the 88 Uridian Vaults, having developed a crush on Taya.

Upon arrival in Fyregem, he became a Vault Seeker after proving himself in Madam Xoxo's arena. He even reveals his story and asks the heroes to promise that, should his evil side regain another chance to control him, to kill him immediately, which they comply. When Awesome Jaxtom took over and attempted to destroy the Vault Seekers, Kroge exiles himself away in the wastes of Uridia, missing Taya and wanting to see her again. He was found by Small Sauce who convinces him to help the Vault Seekers return back from being brainwashed by Jaxtom, following them everywhere they went waiting for the right time to save them.


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  • "It's time to bleed!"
  • "I taste blood... mine AND yours!!"
  • "Get over here and smell my meat!"
  • "There's no barbecue 'til I say there's a barbecue!"
  • "I will murder your death!"
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