Krolken the Sharp

Krolken Oka Vaikras the Sharp

Krolken Oka Vaikras the Sharp is an Alternate UUniversal Draccasaur from Planet Tiyxubos. He is an evil "crime lord" (Though while in a sense, some actions count as being a crime lord, but in due to the world he's in and the fact he's not doing it for money alone, nor at all, he's at best a renigade warrior leader out for blood-lust and power) warrior who has been causing trouble for his home planet through the use of his dinosaur army. With his incredible genius and mechanical skills, he intended to create weapons for the Villains Act to use in their takeover. However, he was constantly foiled by the planet's new Dinosaur Training Force (DTF), especially with it's leader, Commodore Saigon and his well-minded son, Harble. Since before and after the Villains Act, Krolken was intending to take over Tiyxubos with his dinosaur armies, and he almost won if it wasn't for the DTF. With the Villains Act gone, however, Krolken still makes plans to rule his world.


Krolken was born to a tribe of technologically-advanced dinosaurs. They were known as the Vaikras Tribe, which had the powers of electricity, medicine, flight, and even advanced weaponry. However, their Teadr level is just at 5. Their community was like a city, and it was lead by a chieftain in a large fortress. Krolken grew up as the nephew of the Chieftain Vaikras, and became the general of his warriors, but Krolken was thinking that their advancements wouldn't be strong enough to protect them. He recommended stronger weapons, and animal enhancements, though the Chieftain Vaikras refused to allow it since they were protected enough with their invisible shield. Especially since they had enemies in the form of 10ft dinosaur beasts called Tyrsaurs, who craved the Vaikrasians' technology so they could become experts at survival, and will even destroy the tribe if they had to.

Krolken then decided to make a deal with the Tyrsaurs. He would give them access to the technology they craved if they promised to leave all people in the tribe alive except the ones he says must die. They agree, and upon granting access to some of the technology, they disabled the invisible shield, and invaded the tribe village. Upon discovery that someone was against him, the Chieftain ordered Krolken to search for the perpetrator and execute him. But he found out too late that it was Krolken who did it, claiming that since he didn't exactly give him the respect and credibility that he 'deserved' since he was just too reckless, he wanted to take over the Tribe. He kills the chieftain, and claims his leadership of the community. He then orders mass arrests for cybernetic and genetic enhancement, and makes the Tyrsaurs the new police force of the village, claiming it as his new kingdom. Upon the time the Tyrsaurs learned how to properly use the Vaikras technology, they started riding the flying vehicles and working the advanced weaponry.

What he didn't expect was that a lone boy named Harble Anddalf III, the son of the last Chieftain of the Vaikrasian Tribe, Commodore Saigon, would find a small portion of his technology by complete accident. With it, they actually learned how to train dinosaurs the same way Krolken did. But when Krolken's forces came looking for the portion to recover it, they found it was too late. Krolken ordered an immediate attack on their village, but they were able to handle it with their dinosaurs. Krolken told them that he was trying to use that device to take dinosaurs under his control, but lost it. Now that it's been found, he had to destroy their entire village in order to keep them from getting in the way. But unfortunately for him, the village had become stronger and formed the Dinosaur Training Force (DTF), which Krolken has been trying to destroy for years. When the Villains Act came, though, he hoped they would exchange technology with each other. The Villains Act would provide Krolken with the power to destroy the DTF if he provided them with his dinosaur-controlling weapons. But one of the DTF members was spying on them, and now the DTF knows about their deal, and have been thwarting his progress on it since then. But when the Villains Act was disbanded, Krolken was angered, and moved back onto the basics. It won't be long before he makes his biggest move yet.

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