Dinese Jennet Hoskins
Kryptonia Basic Form
Vital statistics
Title Kryptonia, Pink Xenon, Pink Lizard, Sister to Xenon
Gender Female
Race/Species Green Iguana (Iguana iguana) (Formerly)
Faction Independent Mutant Empire
Description Mutant, Several Genetic Tests Before Becoming Kryptonia, Skin Pink After One Experiment.
Skills and Abilities Ability to Alter DNA Spontaneously Into Different Forms, Electric Stinger Tail, Super-Strength, Super-Agility, Super-Endurance, Enhanced Healing, Semi-Aquatic, Retractable Gliding Structures, Intoxicating Biting Venom
Status Locked up
Location Dragon Realms
  • Eagle City (Hometown)
  • Several Unnamed and Unknown Hideouts

Prison 42 (Imprisonment)

Alignment Morally Conflicted

Dinese J. Hoskins, AKA Kryptonia, is an iguana mutant from the Dragon Realms. She is the sister of Blake Hoskins who, as the result of inspiration of her brother's work and her desire to improve the work that made him Xenon, wants nothing more but to get revenge on those who shunned his brother, and prove that Blake's science can change the UUniverses. She ended up getting mutated after testing a similar serum on herself, but got herself arrested quickly. She was stopped by the High Council, and locked up in Prison 42. However, she managed to escape thanks to her intellect (and prior dumb luck because of Hank and Qui), and resume her plans of vengence. When she gained a sample of her mutated brother's DNA, she used it to clone a vast army of Xenons which would aid in her goal of UUniversal domination. She even intends to spread her Kryptonia serum throughout the UUniverses to turn everyone into monsters like her and Xenon.


Kryptonia (Dinese)

Kryptonia before mutation.

Dinese was a green iguana who grew up as a nice girl. Though when she was 6, her parents died in a car crash, which meant that she needed to be raised by her 19-year-old brother. Under his tutelage, Dinese developed a fascination of science and what it had to offer, and she even volunteered as a test subject for his experiments, including a medicine that made her immune to several diseases, though changing her skin pigment from green to pink in the process. She even ended up no longer looking like a normal igunna. Some people in her school have deemed her interests in science strange when she had the body of a supermodel and was better off being a stereotypical 'La-de-la' cheerleading peaking-too-soon dumb person. She insists that she doesn't have to 'be dumb just because she's beautiful'. But being smart doesn't also mean she has to be weak in body to her, knowing well enough there would be those who would 'like what they see', and took herself to learn karate, other forms of martial arts, gymnastics, kickboxing, and then combining all of them into a completely new fighting style.

But 9 years later, when Dinese got her school diploma, things changed when Blake became Xenon, was robbed of his life, and feared throughout his entire hometown. Struck with grief and despair, Dinese took all of Blake's research files before the KGB could get to it, and tried to find a perfect hiding spot to keep away from the KGB. When the KGB was thankfully dissolved, Dinese was able to find a perfect place where she could follow in her brother's footsteps, and prove to the UUniverses that his intentions were justified, and bestowed great technology that could change the UUniverses. She created a duplicate of Blake's Xenon medicine with different and altered DNA, but no fatal effects. She injected it into herself, and it transformed her into another Xenon monster which she would dub as 'Kryptonia', but the altered DNA made her MUCH different then Xenon in many ways then one, while also affecting her mind even more than it already was.

Her new wicked mind gave her the urge to spread her Kryptonia serum throughout the city, and turn everyone into monsters like her and Blake. She first attacked the mayor for ruining Blake's life, and nearly injured him. But she was stopped by Master Chao, who happened to be visiting that day. It was not an easy battle for Chao thanks to her combination of Kung Fu, other fighting sytiles and gymnatics, and added mutant abilities, but Chao's greater experience and use of Chi is what allowed him to win the battle. She was arrested and taken to Prison 42 while Blake was left to be exiled to self-conclusion. Her lab, on the other hand, was never found, and the authorities gave up the search after months have passed.

She eventually escaped thanks to Hank and Qui, though didn't want to join them. She instead fled off and likely returned to her lab and remain hidden until the time was perfect. While back in her hometown, she discovered saliva from Xenon, which she took a sample of in order to gain access to her mutated brother's DNA. With the sample she collected, she had the power to create her own armies. Though the first ones out of the batch, which she named Boron and Neon, were valuable as right-hand men, though they were abit more faulty then the other Xenon clones, Neon being comedicly misfortuned and Boron being a moronic brute with the mannorisums of a thug with child-like autisum-eqse mentality, yet they got a few things right. She would soon use her clones to her advantage on her quest to take over the UUniverses.

Forms and Abilities

Kryptonia's serum was chemically altered so that the common phases of Xenon were changed into forms that she could turn into in order to fight off her enemies. And she also created a specialized suit that was stretchable, durable, had small open streaks for her wing structures to come out from, and had pants that had a bottom part that could be unfastened for her snake bottom and her basic legs. She is capable of genetically altering her own body at will by switching the genes that the serum gave her, and each form has it's own unique abilities.

  • Basic Form- A form that is reminiscent of her normal appearance. This form is how she usually appears, having her four basic limbs meant for easy maneuverability, and a tail tipped with deadly electrical stingers. She has razor-sharp claws and teeth, and has biting venom that has the same affect as Xenon's stinger venom, causing hallucinations and drunkenness. She also has the same retractable wing structures that Xenon has for quick flights out of an area. This form is meant for close range combat and one-on-one fights.
  • Krait Form- A form that Kryptonia uses for quick escapes and silence ambushes. This form may be very tiny, being much of a Naga-like appearance, but it is perfect for when Kryptonia needs to be sneaking around. It has the same tail stingers and biting venom as her basic form, though it is easily able to squeeze through any space with ease. It also has small butterfly-like wing structures that beat as fast as a bug's wings.
  • Cobra Form- A form that is much like a heavily-built version of the Krait Form. While it makes for a great semi-aquatic adaptability with the sea-snake-like tail, it is built to handle an army and survive against a brutal attack. The tail stinger, while serving as the makeshift aquatic flipper, is much more powerful than the 2 other forms, able to fry people easily, and she can easily use her electric horns to electrify her charges to shock those she strikes. Because this form is too heavy, the wing structures cannot allow flight, but just for use as a simple scare.
  • Serpent Form- The most devastating of Kryptonia's forms. It is about as big as the Giant Cobra with the strength of 20 men. Kryptonia only uses this form when things get too rough. In theory, it would even beat a god, or something close to a god. The form's tail stingers, while they allow aquatic travel like in the Cobra Form, are upgraded into shooting lightning that delivers a powerful punch of electricity. She also has a powerful green organ on the top of her head which is like a built-in radar to scan the area for enemies, and also serves as a great psychic shield. The wing structures are much more menacing, though still don't allow flight, and the form's venom, which can be sprayed like a spitting cobra, is a more advanced chemical that uses her basic form's hallucinogenic affects to mind-control people while also turning them into mindless Kryptonia beasts (which don't have the other 3 forms she has for safety of her own plans).


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