Kucheka is a hyena from the Pure Hyena era. He is the husband of Tangawizi and the ancestor of Lesedi.


Kucheka was born in a race of hyenas called 'Cloud Hyenas'. The Cloud Hyenas all believed in the African sky gods Olorun and Nana, and believed that they blessed the Cloud Hyenas with the gift of purity and strength by becoming one with the wind and sky. Kucheka was okay with this life, but he wanted more. He started becoming depressed for 3 weeks until he was made the new king of the Cloud Hyenas since he discovered that he was secretly of royal lineage to the previous king. Kucheka was honored by this offer and went through a wind ritual that named him the new king of the Cloud Hyenas.

However, 5 weeks later, he became depressed again after the fun of running the Cloud Hyenas wore off. He thought that just being of royal lineage wasn't enough to satisfy him. He wanted much more than just being a ruler. He had no friends, and he was only an orphan after his parents were killed by a pack of leopards. He never felt satisfied with this for over a year until one day, he met a gorgeous hyena named Tangawizi, who says that she needs an empire to help her defeat the Shadow Hyena Empire. Kucheka asks instead for Tangawizi's marriage because he didn't like going to war with another empire. Then Ujasiri, Kucheka's advisor, convinces him to accept because it might earn him the marriage in no time flat. But Kucheka was still a little reluctant to be willing to risk his clearly well-trained warriors to battle an empire of highly-trained hyenas. Tangawizi only promises that the battle won't by that violent and that a blood battle may not be nessersary as the true problem lies on Mwongo.

After the battle with Mwongo, the Cloud Hyenas are converted into Pure Hyenas, but they had been split into two separate philosophies since some still believed in the traditional ways of Olorun and Nana. As a result, the followers of the African sky gods created a Church from a cave to follow these ancient wind traditions and celebrate how they held it so dearly to them. Those who believed in the ways of the Circle of Life respected their beliefs and would allow them to feel free to follow it. Meanwhile, Tangawizi and Kucheka get married, and one of their future descendants would be Lesedi. He is likely to have passed on from old age like everyone else.

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