Kun Lao is a Water deer from the Kung Fu Panda world and the previous emperor of China, as well as the predecessor of his adoptive grandson Lu Kang. He has upheld the infamy of China's emperors that are quite ruthless and do great sacrifices and often-rotten acts when looking for the greater good of China, and because of his species, he has made sure that even his own citizens didn't know what animal he was and let people like his adoptive ruling families all across the country make people believe that he was a species to be reckoned with, which is the perfect explanation as to why he never appeared in person in any of the KFP franchises. Though not a chi-master or kung fu master, he processed a chi-sword that he can use to his will and was the most legendary of the chi weapons. To explain off the existence of the canonised Emperor from the The Emperior's Quest, (Even though the canon of universeal movie-rides are shakey at best with mainstream canon), be aware that in Dreamworks China, there can be more then one emperor governing a certain part of the land, Kun Lao being the head figure while the emperor seen in the flick ruled a seperate terratory like with alot of emperors, which also explains the imperial families inter-racial heritage.


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