Kung Pow

"I, am, Kung Pow!"

Kung Pow is a member of super-advance little dragons the same spieces as Mushu that used to rule Land of Dragons, which was once called "Chi-Na" in the days before The First Cartoonian War , and Kung Pow was the emperor. Kung Pow had the greatest and most absolute control of the entire world, had the strongest magic and actess to all of the greatest tec in history. But it's not enough for him. Kung Pow was bored that his people prefer to live in peace and there for, no own war or conflict ever existed in Chi-Na, all laws were fair and just, and the tec was echo friendly. To him, that means everyone was content and had little to complain about. He was bored to the point of insanity and self-corruption. He ended up wanting the world to change in a way that was more "exciting", so to pull it off during his state of deludion, he desided to reshape the world in his image with a giantic, destructive mech called Dragutha, where after 13 attempts being proven, "dysfuntional", it was the 14th that was a success. Now, the corrupt emperor used the machine to rampage his own kingdom to finally bring himself excitment. But natrolly, his thrill-seeking wasn't very appresiated at all, espeically when he ended up threating his own people's way of life, over getting insane with boredom and self-corruption! That was when his half brother, Sesime, gained the power and courage to stand up to his brother and defeat both HIM and the machine. Because of his dispicable actions and ruining the world to the point it was no longer rekindisable, both Kung Pow and his own machine were banished into a mountian in what would be now Tung Shoa Pass, and remained there until unearthed by Teridax, or oftenly named by his spieces' name, "Makuta", during the Second Cartoonian War, discovering Kung-Pow had gotten even older then he was. Makuta was more interested in the machine, but he valued Kung Pow's evil, but was put off by the incredabily small size. So, Makuta corrected the issue by fusing Kung Pow with his own machine, making Dragutha sentient and in the image of Makuta. Fortunatly, The High Council intervined before Makuta can even use his new beast and a civilisation of darkspawnic machines. Makuta was chased off, and the High Council ensured that ways to find the cave of the mountian is as impossable as possable. Cause of this, it inspired the presence of the leage to attack the world in SpongeBob and Friends Meet Mulan outside of simply conguring it, and soon, it would inspire an evil dopplerganger of Mercurymon to seek it out, and actselly be successful in, and it would only take discovering the heir of Sesime to stop Dragutha again.
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