Kurahk was a Rahkshi of Anger, making him the dark spawn prince of rage, and the dark spawn warrior of revenge, his rage can somtimes power Lerahk, boosting his poison powers to poison those who are not rahski, darkspawn, or those in service or who they are in alligenes to. Its Kraata is light gray metallic and white. Though he was fast and strong enough to down any foe, Kurahk preferred to turn his opponents against each other. His Staff of Anger could fire rings of anger, causing the target to be consumed by rage. Even the Toa Nuva were not immune to its power, which magnified any difference of opinion into an all-out physical conflict. During one battle in Onu-Koro. Kurahk's anger actually increased its powers.

Individally, Kurahk was chosen by Teridax because its power was the enemy of peace: The prospect of Ko-Matoran.

currently, Kurahk incredably become one of the vanguards of a new master, Emperor Fang, his evil presents similates the Makuta that he and the other rahkshis obey him without question (Rahkshis don't talk anyway) and now leads an army of non-dark spawnic Vaki.

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