Kyne's Troop is a group of Superior Iguanodons from Kratos. They all live in the underground dinosaur world of Hades, and work for Jem's royal guard as the main bodyguards of the prime commander, Colonel Kyne. They all support their master's beliefs, and will aid him in helping bring 'true peace' to the UUniverses. They will even kill for their master like they have before. Each of them have different superpowers.


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  • Gallagher Gravel- Gallagher is the leading member of the group, known to be a great strategist, and is very rough on his men. He is paranoid in certain times, and he can get very agitated easily. His powers include super-strength, super-endurance, super-flight, and an undocumented ability called psychic navigation.
  • Cable Mass- Cable is the genius of the group who handles mechanics, and is an expert in machinery. He has been able to do all the translations of science-sounding words for the team that doesn't know much about them. Especially since he is part-machine. His powers include bionic physiology, super-strength, and super-mentality.
  • Rance Oblivion- Rance is a dim-witted person who, at first, couldn't enter the royal guard because he was stupid. But when he proved that he was a talented fighter, he was made a great asset, provided that he be given medications that boosted his intelligence rate by 30%. This was especially important because he was unable to control an undocumented power he had that could be devastating when he isn't given his medication. His powers include super-strength, super-endurance, teleportation, telekinesis, and an undocumented ability called molecular manipulation, which allows him to control the molecular structure of anything, living or non-living, and that particular ability is difficult to remove.
  • Talman Propane- Talman is the most hot-headed of the group. He hates people that desecrate the beliefs of Kem, and constantly challenges Gallagher's leadership. He is known to be the most violent, and will often rush into situations without thinking things through. His powers include super-strength, super-endurance, fire manipulation, self-detonation, sublimation, and an undocumented ability called plasma manipulation.
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