La-Te Truumina is a sectratary at Eureka corp who works for the current CEO "Genius" Dr. Eureka. She's all too aware of Eureka's true origins as a robber of the rightful destinies of those victimised by his antics that unrightfully made him the celeberty is his now. While dishearten, she sympathises with the false idol because he was raised like this by his father, who drove him to believing geniuses need to dominate eachother to become the one true genius. It doesn't however stop La-Te to be hopeful she could get Eureka out of this and into more honest practices. However, she finds herself dragged into his shenanigens as well by being made to jinx geniuses to either look like idiots or even look like total liers, and it breaks her heart that even dispite some flaws and close calls, they ultamately work in the end and Eureka always comes out on top. It worsen when Doctor Whooves is made to suffer the blunt of it cause of not giving up in some way or another, provoking Eureka to make him a "faverite" out of liking a challnage. La-Te's remorse proves she only obeys Eureka at all out of being a good sectretary and not out of being a true hench-mare. One day, her good heart will make her put her hoof down and finally set Dr. Eureka straight once and for all, but she currently doesn't have the courage or inspiration to even consider such a thing.
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