Lady Bianca

Lady Bianca La Cotter

Lady Bianca La Cotter is a rabbit from the Dragon Realms. She is a magician from southwestern Canada who has defended her people from certain doom but was disgraced during the Great Cleansing when she was unable to save her adopted mother, the queen. She thus left to redeem herself until she was found by a dinosaur sorceress named Sorceress Serpas who blamed dragons for the death of her family in Skelos Badlands during the Great Cleansing, and aimed to use Bianca to exterminate all of them while absorbing all their magic and stealing all their power gems to become immortal, killing any dragon she sees with no thought, including smashing eggs and slaughtering and eating dragonlings. Fortunately, with help from Spyro, Cynder, Sparx, and LOS Hunter pre-Second-Cartoonian-War, she saw that she truly aimed to take over the world and declare greater genocide on all dragons and dragon-lovers, including her as she was truly starting to see the error of her ways. When Serpas betrayed her by leaving her to die and saying that she doesn't deserve her family's sympathy nor her magic and stripping it away, she helps Spyro and his friends defeat her and send her to her fitting demise. Bianca has since returned home with her purpose restored, especially since she transformed her home into a new and more magically-enchanted one. Bianca is very rough around the edges at times, but she has a heart. It's hard to see because of her upbringing of being raised to hate dragons making her a little passive-aggressive, but she tries to be friendly knowing that she was wrong. She is the LOS variant of the original Spyro character.


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