Lady Erasmus is an Alternate UUniversal Avipter from Planet Ambereus. She is an avian pterosaur and the leader of a global resistance out to free the planet from the tyranny of Lord Permius of the New Meteorian Empire, and Lord O'Saurus of the Sauropod Army. Though usually a wise and passive person, she can suffer from major stress that if pushed hard enough would give her quite a crass mouth. Being under the tuteliedge of The Cave Mage, she can get very anxious of anything that would happen to him, thus sometimes had not always backing every method he tries, like trying to befriend enemies even when it seems pretty clear they're determined on their path. Though Era does have wistom, she's still transitioning from being a learner to truely yet understand anything to even something close to being like the Cave Mage. She fears the prospect of ever being without him, hence why she came to be so firm against any enemy of his and always take their words at earnest value, which lead her to have a negitive stance on tecknowagey just because of Duelious Persona, even if Cave Mage had advised against otherwise, primarly cause of tec being assusiated with a threat to Cave Mage's legacy and lives with a "Better safe then sorry" mentality. Though Era does respect what the Cave Mage believes, she doesn't always understand them, thus often ends up having conflict of interests with him. The time of the fritz does not help her worries of losing the Cave Mage, wanting to ensure the mana well's safety as much as possable before losing him forever. But eventually, she would not be able to keep her mentor forever and would have to take up the mantle he would leave behind, cause as Oogway had best said, "One often meets their desteny in the road they take to avoid it".

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