Lady Gongzhu De Fennu is an Equestrian Impure Kirin, or Qilin, from the land of Xiaomia. Long ago, Qilins used to be the widely more common in Xiaomia, but the advent of Kirins lead to Qilins to be outnumber and decreased in number due to Kirins coming to gain more and more lands. Lady Gongzhu was consumed by rage of how much her race was termoiled by this, thus she swore revenge, in convincing Qilins desperate for surviveal and having gained an army of creatures from their original owner, the Storm Clan member known as The Bestiary King who went missing after his defeat in the hands of the Guardians of Harmony. She captured and enslave every single trace of Kirin throughout history with her grand army, now seeking out those that escaped with Rain Shine, asking one particular creature, Xiao Chī Guaiwu, to shape-shift into the form of an older conducter pony to monitor a rumored streach of land where the Kirins were said to have retreated too to finally pinpoint them. And when Applejack and Fluttershy unknowingly direct him to the Peaks of Peril, Gongzhu will have that chance. These extreme ways are meant to be for the good of her race, but the dark path she is on has warped her mind cause of fear of extinction and hatred torwords the Kirin's success makes her a formidable and powerful threat.


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Gongzhu is an agile warrior with cunning tactics and enhanced situational awareness, having acrobatic and vastly advantageous skill. Her impurity in Equestrian magic is unstable and corrupts her mind when she enters a Qilin enrage state, even being able to access a rage phenox flame avatar.

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Like this, but with slight Equestrian qualities, having a Kirin's right eye and a Nirik's left eye, flaming red head and tail hair, a bizarre and demonic Kirin and Nirik horn on the respective side of the head, and jade-colored fangs.

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