Lady Nusteo

Lady Nusteo

Lady Minerva Nusteo is a Mythosian harpy war lady who is a vicious and relentless flyer. She lives in the tall Lothbart Mountains in a frozen undiscovered cave called the Cixulux Caves where her kingdom of Cixuli is found, and her subjects live in their nests. For years, Nusteo has dispised Mythosian humans for killing and abusing her kind for their skin and meat. She is brash, cocky, arrogant, and voracious. She was said to have torn a Mythosian's heart clean out of his chest with her talon. Her only instinct: to destroy any Mythosian human who dares challenge her kingdom. She soon makes a deal with the Mythos Black Market, and agrees to smuggle phoenixes from a local Mythosian Village in order to gain the power to destroy the humans for good. Really, dispite all this very clear aggrestion, she kinda has a reason for this: even bigger then her fellow harpy metathorical "Sisters" getting slaughtered like ducks during duck season: She had a Daughter she hoped would take over the thrown when she is gone, but a cocky human desperate to get a kill murdered her daughter when he spotted them having a flight lesson. She ends up assuming Humans are nothing but murderors after she killed her daughter's murder (and inspiring the legend of the heart thing) and this, appearent aggresive behavior is to hide her great sadness, and would voilently react to even her fellow harpies, even to her sister and trusted advisor Lady Turlou, nicknamed Bond Sky, who knows the truth behind this attatude, and refuses to acknowledge it, and that a local human tribe near their kingdom are not exactly setting a good exsample in light of them being too simple to even realise that Nusteo was a victim of a tragity. In all, she just wants to protact her subjects from being killed, and her unfocused soul makes her a presayive puppet for a truely sinister force.


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