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A Lagoolan City

Lagoola is an ocean world populated by Superior aquatics. It is considered Kratos' twin planet, and is a wildlife sanctuary for Superior aquatics. To many visitors of Lagoola, the sparse life in the oceans are like an underwater paradise, and there were coral reefs as far as the eye can see. Cities are also found in Lagoola's oceans to sustain the aquatic superiors. Like Kratos, Lagoola has a moon called Nepton, which is also covered entirely with water.


Lagoola was discovered by Kratosian astronomers long before Grotch discovered quantonium, and was named after a Kratosian mythological water paradise told in a Kratosian tragedy which told of mortals who sold their legs to Poseidon to become mermen after they fell in love with 2 mermaids, only to end with them drowning in the end with the death of their crushes. Lagoola has been confirmed to be the first habitable place for Superiors. Once space travel was being researched decades after the discovery of quantonium, Grotch Prometheus was sure to prepare a mission within a few more decades to travel to Lagoola to give the Sea Superiors more elbow room.

Lagoola World Map

Lagoola Globe Map (Cracks are tectonic shelves, dots are cities)

However, it wasn't easy to get along with the Sea Superiors due to fishing, crabbing, pollution (sometimes accidental), and coral bleaching. Sea superiors hated these problems, and some sea superiors died because of it. So the relationship of land and sea superiors was crumbling to pieces, and after a few more years, the sea superiors declared war. But before the war could rage on, Grotch had to fix this problem by relocating the Sea Superiors to the clean waters of Lagoola. And so, after convincing the sea superiors to accept, they packed up their things, and moved to Lagoola. And they actually managed to inhabit the planet without any problems whatsoever. They also had plans of terraforming their new world's moon, Nepton, which was also covered with water. Until then, quantonium was stored in underground vaults. However, not all Sea Superiors left as those who stayed in the seas of Kratos, dubbed Nereidites, believed that no waterworld would make them comfortable and thus founded their own new underwater society. Thus non-dormant cities in the seas of Kratos have become rare, and yet Poseidon, a Sea Superior city in the Gulf of Prometheus in the Nereid Reef, is the closest to Prometheon.

The coral reefs of Lagoola vary in size. The largest reef on the planet is called the Hydroprometheon Reef, which holds Lagoola's capital city, Aquaprome City, as well as holding the most cities than any other Lagoolan reefs. There are also immense kelp fields and forests which are home to millions of non-sentient sea creatures. But living in the oceans of Lagoola means that there's a problem: you have to be able to get used to the tectonic activity. The trenches are also inhabited, but tectonic activity causes any cities inside to easily fall apart. This is why there are no cities, and instead, there are just houses sitting on the platforms of the trenches.

The government of Lagoola is currently under the control of a superior blue whale named Baron Tritiumlung, who is the son of Grotch's old friend, Zeke Tritiumlung, who had been the old ruler of Kratos' old underwater community until Grotch's Lagoola idea. But he only ruled Lagoola for 25 years until he died at age 1100, and his son, Zachary, took over as the new Baron. But it wasn't until centuries later that something went wrong. After enduring a few decades of peace, Lagoola was devastated about the Kratosian Big Shake that they assumed had destroyed Kratos and it's inhabitants as told by the royal flying fish forces. Though this was horrible to hear about, Baron Tritiumlung kept centuries of peace on Lagoola in honor of the presumably-dead Grotch. But after a long time of peace, an other-worldly assassin who was hired by an anonymous payer tried to murder the Baron, but failed greatly and was executed. After this event, Tritiumlung has grown to hate strangers, and became hostile ever since, and vowed to conquer the UUniverses for the way of true peace. They soon came with a rumor that the Big Shake was caused by strangers from another world, and grew even more hateful. But they were unaware that the rumor came from Grinchgrog Carnavan, who was trying to turn Lagoola against the UUniverses by keeping them as delusional and ignorant of the truth as possible as one of his many plots to make Superiors evil.


Lagoola, like Kratos, is a totalitarian democratic society. The countries, instead of continents, are classified into very large reefs which are able to nourish a wide variety of people. The ruling reef is Hydroprometheon Reef, which is the biggest reef on the planet, and research showed that it was formed by a biological hiccup caused by an asteroid that struck it billions of years ago. This spread amino acids and protiens around, and formed massive colonies of corals and other kinds of undersea flora, creating the biggest coral reef on the planet. This is where the capital, Aquaprome City, was built, and ruled by a Council and a single president ('Supreme Baron'). The government branches work exactly like Kratos' government. The legislative branch makes laws, controls Superior superpowers, and handles currency. The executive branch is where the Baron lies and has unlimited control of the government, but limited control of the other 2 branches, the military and the Elemental Agencies. The judicial branch reviews laws, handles court cases, and disciplines superpowers. The Council consists of 60 members, and 20 of them have power over each branch while the Baron has control over the executive.

Cities and communities consist of both the environment and buildings. Fitting with a Superior's animal habits, some live in caves, anemones, grottos, and so on. But sometimes, they prefer to live in buildings made from aluminum, silver, gold, titanium, bronze, copper, or platinum. The architecture is similar to Greek, just like on Kratos. Traffic is similar to that on Kratos. The main form of transportation here is with undersea life. They tend to travel in schools like common undersea life, or they can hitch a ride on larger creatures, all of which have to follow traffic laws. Some city streets are built above crevices or trenches that house caves for creatures that thrive in deeper pressures. Parks are very common, and food can be found anywhere since some undersea life eat algae, plants, and even the unsentient fish or animals that have evolved there if they're carnivores. There is also sanctuary domes called 'Biodomes' which are required for animals that naturally do work in a land environment, like when a sea turtle has to lay eggs, or when crabs have to thrive. The domes can be up to 50 meters long, and have different land-like niches such as marsh swamps, beaches, and wetlands, containing plants that provide air into the domes. The domes are made of a translucent durable glass that can withstand various forms of damage, and the airlocks are located under the waterways of the Biodomes' beaches through caverns, which lead in and out of the underwater world. There are no shipwrecks, no ship graveyards, and no poisonous substances since no outside activity is common.

Like on Kratos, the government has to have backup regulations since superpowers can be destructive. So buildings are forbidden to be made from wood, bricks, cinder blocks, or even have glass windows. All known monuments are to be made of metal. And also like Kratos, superpowers must be used responsibly, and be given laws of control. Certain crimes are made clear such as amplifying superpowers, taking them all away, making an other-worldly being a Superior, becoming all-powerful. And certain superpowers are made strict for their potentially-dangerous uses such as time-travel or power mimicry. But until the moon Nepton can be colonized, quantonium has to be stored safely in underground vaults.

Culture, Community, and Technology

The culture is the same as Kratos. The planet has the same architecture, community, and religions. Like Kratos, they celebrate Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Valentine's Day, and they even celebrate the Superior Holidays of Quantum Day. They don't celebrate Trustworthiness Day anymore since the Baron intends to conquer the UUniverses, but it will soon be celebrated again. Other holidays, such as Earth Day and Veterans' Day, are famous and important to them. They even have their own holidays as well. Founder's Day celebrates their colonization of Lagoola for the good of their community, and they have a certain religious holiday called 'The Day of the Bubble', which is celebrated at an underwater geyser in Aquaprome City called 'Poseidon's Holy Geyser', where they believed that Poseidon produced holy bubbles that, when they burst, they spread peace and order to Lagoola.

Lagoola also has it's own versons XD Comix and Generation Comics that create comics. Because they believed that Kratos was destroyed, they claimed rights to their characters. Books in Lagoola are not made of paper since it's not stable underwater. Instead, they made pages out of plastic substances. The comics are no exception. They made their own comic heroes that took place on their own homeworld like The Aquadites (Oceanarium Pages), The Tide Titans (Oceanarium Pages), Law's Aquarium (Oceanarium Pages), The Deep-Lights (Oceanarium Pages), Marlin's Sea Knights (The Jolly Roger Comics), The Unfathomables (The Jolly Roger Comics), The Oceanator Crew (The Jolly Roger Comics), and The Undertow League (The Jolly Roger Comics). All these comics are never found on Kratos.

Lagoola has the same community as Kratos. They have Greek remnants such as literature, sports, cuisine, arts, science, music and dance. Laws also require that sea creatures that naturally can't breathe underwater, such as sea mammals or sea reptiles, must have that Superior ability in order to thrive. Also, like Kratos, Greek cultures aren't the only kinds. Others consist of American, Japanese, Russian, British, and Spanish. Each city has Biodomes which are required for land-based activity that some animals are used to such as mating or giving birth, and they are accessible through underground sea passages. They were once used for aiding other-worldly visitors who can't breathe underwater until they were made strict. There can be up to 20 Biodomes in each city, all being regulated and owned by a company called Psamathe Enterprises. Entry in these Biodomes is free, and they make money by having food stalls, stores, and other businesses.

The Baron creates several businesses that are all funded and supported by him. Each company is global since the planet has a totalitarian government. Psamathe Enterprises is one of the companies funded by the Baron. Others include Thoosa's Metro Expressways, which is a transit company that owns all underwater currents, which are the planet's main forms of transportation from reef to reef. Hermes Postal Services is Lagoola's main delivery service which consists of pneumatic tubes that can only extend for several miles, and can only connect to 2 cities, and deliveries outside a reef can only be possible through personal deliveries. Plutus' Banking Systems is the planet's main source of banking and currency. Hestia Realty is the world's main source of real estate, and it also serves as an art company.

Lagoola's main source of science and technology is a company called Apollo Futuristics. It allowed Lagoola to keep up with the technologies that Kratos has obtained after centuries. They allowed Lagoolans to accurately use electricity, and they provided grand medical technologies such as digital surgery and sarcophagus-like devices called Vita-Tanks, which are the prime devices for quantonium-injection, medical treatments, cryogenic stasis, and so on. They are even responsible for the research on how to terraform Nepton, and are the ones who own the underground quantonium vaults for safe-keeping, as well as quantonium research. They have even allowed Lagoolans to keep up with Kratos' inventing of projectile weapons, tesla weapons, railguns, and electronic weapons.


Nepton, Lagoola's moon, is a barren place also covered in water. The problem is that the water is too contaminated with toxic substances like nitrogen, lead, mercury, and arsenic. Not to mention the gravity is 35% weaker, and therefore the water is as slow as gel. Not to mention the ocean floor of the moon is too deep for even the residents of Lagoola to handle. Finding a way to terraform this moon would take much more effort than Kratosians did with Nike. It would acquire massive sterilization, an artificial gravity system to allow proper stability for the water for swimming and breathing, and underwater cities would have to be above the pressure limit, and Apollo Futuristics have yet to advance to this level.


  • Hydroprometheon Reef
    • Aquaprome City- Capital City
    • Hephaestus
    • Nasoi City
    • Nautilus
    • Nemo City
    • New Atlantis
    • Phosphorus
    • Helm City
    • Chrome City
    • Promenth Fields
    • Kellitt Kelp Forest
    • Cerulean Kelp Forest
  • Prang Reef
    • Wurine- Capital of Reef
    • Eurybia
    • Aegaeon
    • Pontus
    • Prang Fields
  • Amphitritous Reef
    • Nuptus- Capital of Reef
    • Awater City
    • Proteus
  • Pacifis Reef
    • Goog- Capital of Reef
    • Acheolus
    • Leucothea
    • Thetis City
  • Tritonian Reef
    • Cyra- Capital of Reef
    • Delphin
    • Oceanus City
    • Nymph City
    • Aello
    • Ammonite Fields
  • Atlasanic Reef
    • Venusa- Capital of Reef
    • Cancer
    • Arethusa
    • Galene City
  • Aphroditri Reef
    • Arion- Capital of Reef
    • Ladon City
    • Chryson
    • Actaeus
    • Parthenope
    • Nereus
    • Aphrodite Fields
    • Greensand Kelp Forest
  • Meniscus Reef
    • Nautilus- Capital of Reef
    • Rainbow City
    • Demeter
    • Muse City
    • Iris
  • Ocanus Reef
    • Aqalite- Capital of Reef
    • Phaena
    • Amphitryon
    • Hermione
  • Nausithous Reef
    • Glurry- Capital of Reef
    • Amycus
    • Atlantalis
    • Harmony City
    • Styx City
    • Lethe
  • Naupilus Reef
    • Reefus- Capital of Reef
    • Siren City
    • Triton
    • Palaemon
    • Ocypete
    • Yoole Fields
  • Boeotus Reef
    • Mu- Capital of Reef
    • Scylla
    • Karkinos
    • Argyron
    • Bathos
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