Lance G. Zohrer the Karma is a fictional omnipotent Superior flamingo published in Kratos' Generation Comics. He is an agent who works for the Justice Continuum and is the main protagonist of the comic series after Halifax the All-Knowing, who he slowly starts to befriend. He is a really perfect member of the Justice Continuum. He has a crush on Shawna Blackout, but by all means he is very gentlemanly about it, but also awkward at it. But that didn't matter that much since Shawna did like him a bit because she considered him funny. However, Kyran the Woe, Lance's rival, wanted Shawna to be his wife. And he almost got it by having an unfair advantage over Lance by always being paired with Shawn on missions, and that Shawn doesn't know anything about his true feelings. He secretly tries his best to impress her, and as the series progresses, he made a sincere speech that unintentionally makes Kyran look bad in front of Shawna, and then it got him down the wrong path and after attacking him, Kyran became an assistant to the Prince of Destruction. He felt awful ever since, and both he and Shawna agreed to hold off their plans for a wedding after they find out how to talk Kyran out of being POD's stooge. He is omnipotent, but his non-brightness keep him from thinking things through with using his powers in obvious ways.

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