Laricia Tannock

Laricia Pasha Tannock

Laricia P. Tannock is an Alternate UUniversal Krogue from Planet Mag Ianati. She is a marsupial hermin who has a thick Southern-Australian accent and is a top genius in many sciences besides her home planet's top expertise of weaponry. She was, and is, a researcher, scientist, and archaeologist once employed by many of her home planet's weapon-manufacturing corporations to unearth details about hidden weapon technology all across the AUU, as she was a friend to CEO Clinton Armatage and CEO Atrick Osse Huncus, as well as a few other weapon manufacturing business owners, who was hit on by many of them who were animals, and had quite a lot of friends and ex-boyfriends and ex-husbands in their employment. However, she went missing for years since her trip to the Beofynzeny System. Turns out, she was the first person to investigate the system following the dawn of Awesome Jaxtom's tyranny. However, upon arrival, she was doomed to be trapped there as Jaxtom refused to let her leave and reveal what she found. Thus, after several failed attempts to both escape and stop it, she later gave up and went to the trading town of Fyregem, where she gave herself hope in not only her first Beofynzeny friend Morco, but also his adopted children, the Vault Seekers, hoping that they could help the Huncus Rebellion put a stop to Jaxtom's corporatocratic tyranny. Since she became a rogue leading expert on the Beofynzeny System's Teadr 1 home race, the Uridians, and their 88 Vaults, and as such is a person often consulted in underground missions. Her knowledge is vast but is presented in an extremely whimsical way. She also records much of her life into her Holo-Recorder, then promptly hides the recordings, paying characters to retrieve them before they fall into Jaxtom's hands. When Jaxtom also cut out the funding of her research of his company following her arrival, she soon became completely obsessed with finding the 88 Vaults, so she turned to the Vault Seekers, among many bandits and outlaws, to aid her research. After several more discoveries, she was betrayed and abandoned by said bandits and the Vault Seekers stopped them from going any further. It was at this time she was afraid to leave Fyregem because of an irrational phobia of death, so rather than directly conducting her search, she instead had the Vault Seekers do the work as a favor for their protection, all until a sleepwalking incident left her outside of Fyregem and she decided that there was little to fear and promptly proceeded to scatter the Holo-Recordings around the Beofynzeny System. Later after Jaxtom pushes his plans further when the Vault Seekers are brainwashed by Jaxtom, she eventually has to leave Fyregem and go to Sanctuaria. She has a sweet and pacified semi-sentient pet Scerthid named BeBe who is from a hive of unsentient variants and was an outcast, and sympathized with Laricia to be a common and supportive lovable pet. She is an AUU parallel to Borderlands Patricia Tannis, and thus has a similar personality.


Laricia was born on Mag Ianati, a megapolitan planet and former Ehswan colony with massive Globex facilities and the capital of AUU firearm manufacturing and distributing. She and her sister Guly Tannock both grew up with a love for guns because of this, but Laricia did it mainly for the science. But she later moved on to become an archaeologist who studied the history of the Ehswans, the predecessors of the Yatorans and their enemies during the AUU Second Cartoonian War. Impressed by her skill and success, the weapon corporations of the world hired her to study more of this for their own research, paying her tons in rarium for it. Rich beyond her wildest dreams, Laricia accepted and became a bigger archaeologist studying other Teadr 1 races all over the AUU, but in turn left Guly, who became so lonely in her research she turned loopy and got herself in so much trouble.

As years passed, Laricia became an expert in Teadr 1 artifacts and technology. Though her biggest challenge was looking for the 88 Vaults of the Uridians, which are Teadr 1 energy-wielding beings. Fascinated by the stories of Tryon DeLuxe, the first Vault Seeker in history, she heard that these 88 Vaults, which haven't been mapped, are all spread throughout the AUU and she hadn't found one of them. Intent on this and being paid a fortune for it, Laricia went to one place which had the first located Vault: The Beofynzeny System. However, upon arrival and upon finally finding it, she was forbidden to leave the system by a shield coating the entire system, as the dictator, the annexed head of the Armatage and Huncus Corporations, Awesome Jaxtom, refused to let her tell about what she saw here, and thus ruining his own plans. Stranded in the system, and one that was too hostile for her, Laricia was forced to fend for herself with whatever gun she could get her hands on.

During her stay as a prisoner in this system, Laricia had several psychological breakdowns as a result of the harsh environment and the death of most of her colleagues. As a result of these breakdowns, Laricia started to reflect personalities outwards to immobile objects to cope with her loneliness. One such object was her Holonet Recorder, which had still somewhat been restricted to leave the system because of Jaxtom. After some time her home planet lost interest in the Vaults and promptly stopped all efforts to find them Vault. Laricia, however, had grown obsessed with finding the legendary Vaults and stayed behind, and not just because of being trapped, using the numerous bandit clans to assist her research. At some point, she was betrayed by the bandits working with her after which she secluded herself to her dig site thanks to an irrational phobia of the world outside.

At this point, she sent out signals calling for the help of Morco and the Vault Seekers to aid in her research. Eventually, while sleepwalking she ventured beyond her dig site and thus realizing that there was nothing to fear anymore she ventured into the wilds of the System, managing to use stolen high-tech gadgets to defend her from the wildlife. During one of these expeditions, she met and rescued her pet Scerthid BeBe, and had kept her around ever since. She now had another companion that helped her in her hopes of finding the 88 Vaults, and even had a new crew coming from people who could not resist the temptation of finding whatever treasures lay in these Vaults. For years she has continued her research in the town of Fyregem, serving as a mother figure to all Vault Seekers who come to her, effectively making Fyregem a town for all Vault Seekers.


Over the time of her research in the restraint of the Beofynzeny System, the harshness of Jaxtom's criminalized society and the deaths of most of her colleagues and newfound friends led to her developing psychosis, having a tenuous grip on her sanity as a result of years of being trapped in the Beofynzeny System, balancing out the pressures of restraint, homesickness, and survival. She became completely numb to violence, and her loneliness and mental breakdowns caused her to impart personality onto the Holo-Recorder she uses to log her progress. She often abruptly changes the subject of her conversations and appears to have developed emotional attachments to her Holo-Recorder and to two chairs. She is also specified that she has become extremely sociophobic, popping a blood vessel when someone says hello to her in the street.

She also has a very strange set of morals, demonstrating scientific curiosity towards horrific experimentation on people, but she tries to keep her sanity in check. Tannis has also displayed rather autistic behavior, especially ones associated with Astiurger's (AUU Asperger's), the 'smartest mental impairment there is' in her words, and strangely on the notes described in one of her missions in her Holo-Recorder. She is also dependent on repetition and a comfort zone, is often socially dysfunctional, has emotional problems, and has difficulty expressing empathy yet still possesses it. In addition, her considerable skill in research and her devotion to her interests are also features of the condition. She has suffered from multiple traumas, as described in many of her Holo-Logs, which likely violently agitated her condition, causing many of these factors to be violently exaggerated and more unstable. The only thing genuinely-pleasant about her and gives her good company is BeBe, who she adopted from a wild Scerthid Hive as it was one of the few that was semi-sentient and sympathized with her.


  • "Welcome to Fyregem... Or what's left of it!..."
  • "I hope you last longer than the last guys I hired to save the Seekers."
  • "I used to be a Universe-class scientist. But now I've been reduced to a babbling hang-on thanks to the corporate scum of this system!"
  • "Shh! Act like you don't know me. There are spies everywhere!"
  • "What part of secret lab don't you understand?!? Get out of here!"
  • "That's not feces you smell! It's just Vrat Bandits.... AND the feces they bathe in!"
  • "Bandits, or at least a few of them, are the remnants of the original slave labor in this system. Come to think of it, so am I!"
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