Commander Cramvince I.T. Squooble, AKA Laserface, is an Alternate UUniversal Ontan from Planet Ontaria. He is the leader of law enforcement of his Teadr 1 race. Despite his easily-laughable name, he is a formidable leader and is an extremely aggressive and absolute law enforcer. His tentacles glow laser-red and he carries an entire ton of laser weapons, and has an intimidating cybernetic face when he was disfigured in the field of battle. He has a barrage of different tricks up his sleeves and he will do anything, even things normally conceded as evil, in order to uphold the law. Starting out as a renegade vigilante since he was 10, he has worked into being a prodigy child who was a hero that saved Ontaria from over 28 different threats, and then upon reaching his middle ages, he started to come to amoral realizations and started becoming a more proactive law enforcer since rumors of the first outsiders coming to Ontaria since the Yatoran-Ontan War, deciding to do anything to prepare his race from a threat unlike anything he's ever seen.


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