Laura Jean Faerge

Laura J. Faerge is an Alternate UUniversal Jeer from Planet Uridia. She is a deer-like hyrax that was raised as a con artist with an adopted sister named Oaosha who is secretly a Censen, and a con artist adopted father named Xelix, and soon grew into being the wife of Rhybe Faerge, as the two were close friends in school and fell in love when they reunited. Thus she, Rhybe, and many of their friends and allies helped stop Rhybe's traitorous adopted father Maurmice Vanchavez after he seemingly killed his two friends Wawn and Vivette when he actually sent them to a stasis-inducing pocket dimension, yet he almost had Rhybe kill Laura by turning the tracking device in his body into a makeshift mind-control device. Thus, the two and their newfound friends travel from their hometown of Dare City in their AI caravan, and later on retire as con artists, and ally themselves with the Vault Seekers in Fyregem, especially with a friend in the form of Laricia Tannock, in the hopes of rebuilding Uridia since Awesome Jaxtom's corporate tyranny. She is the AUU version of Borderlands Fiona, and is just as professional in the con artist business, and loves Rhybe because he was the only one to feel sympathy for her because, like him, he was an orphan who lost his biological parents to Armatage, as she lost hers during their time in school thanks to corrupt Phaseforce officers, leaving her to be adopted by their friend Xelix.


Laura was born as the daughter of two Jeer who lost their homes to Phaseforce foreclosure, becoming con artists that scammed Phaseforce on many occasions as professional Dark Net hackers. But despite this, she was raised by a friend of the family, Xelix, a Berther master con artist, who sent her to school to get a proper education. There she met and befriended another Jeer named Rhybe, who seemed to be fun to hang out with and showed signs of loving her. But soon, during her time at high school, she left before they could step up their relationship because her parents had just been executed, all under the orders of Awesome Jaxtom because they both sought to steal info regarding Helertia Porsche's secret plans for Jaxtom, hoping that the information would terminate the Phaseforce's connection to Armatage. With their daughter in likely danger, Xelix had to take Laura and her adopted sister Oaosha away, leaving Rhybe for good. Angry at their execution, Laura became an outlaw who hated the Phaseforce, continuing her parents acts of scamming them out with Oaosha and Xelix. But one day, they plotted to get hundreds of millites selling a fake Vault Key to Rhybe and his friend Vawghner, who both sought the Vault Key to take revenge against Maurmice Vanchavez. She accidentally blows her cover when she recognizes Rhybe, resulting in their business partner Aurgust learning about the scam and chasing them down, and resulting in the money briefcase getting stolen by bandits. They compete in a demolition derby to get it back as a prize but they fail as the head of the demolition derby, and newest dominant crime lord in the Beofynzeny System, Queenpin Valshey, recognizes Vawghner with Laura's crew and destroys it upon realizing what he was doing. With him being wanted by her, and with the money lost, Laura and Rhybe's group have to become con artist partners with their hopes dashed.

They decided to go after the Vault they heard about, as it lead to the Spatial Vault, a Uridian Vault that teleports. They are ambushed by a Sarcohiver and get separated. While Rhybe and Vawghner have to survive in the deserts of Uridia and get back to them, Laura and Oaosha return to Dare City and meet Scoot and have him fix their caravan, paying for the service by sponsoring all the Beofynzeny System's weapon corporations on it. They return to Xelix's place but discover that he was kidnapped. They learn from hidden transmissions that their parents were actually killed as part of a grand scheme by Queenpin Valshey, whom Laura saw recognized her when they were in the demolition derby, and their parents were working for the Vaultlock Project, an Atler project meant to find all 88 Uridian Vaults. But they are ambushed by Flinch and Krame. They escape with help from the unexpected arrival of Aotho, whom came across as hostile and knocked into the distance thanks to Loadston, who reunites them with Rhybe and Vawghner. They ride off and find the location of the Vaultlock Project, but are ambushed and threatened by Maurmice and Aurgust, both independently as Aurgust works for Valshey, Maurmice's ex-wife whom separated with because of their conflicting goals for the 88 Vaults, to get the Vaultlock Unit. Laura uses a smoke grenade to retreat and save their friends, as well as free Loadston from Maurmice's hacking device, allowing them to escape with the Vaultlock Unit while getting the Vaultlock Facility to self-destruct. But upon escape, they are ambushed by Valshey, who thanks Maurmice for getting her the Vaultlock Unit and kills him, unaware that he was a clone. They are rescued by Aotho, who manages to fight off and drive away Valshey and her forces.

They all agree to find the upgrade for the Vaultlock Unit, called Vau, and go to a crashed Cerwan Ark, a spaceship made for preservation of life and terraformation. There they meet Coss Loadsby, the brother of Professor Loadsby and former Armatage engineer who aided in the Vaultlock Project. They are directed to the location of the upgrade. Rhybe and Laura go to shut down the security while Aotho and Oaosha go to retrieve the upgrade. While Oaosha reveals her secret Censen powers to Aotho and is trained to use them, Rhybe and Laura take a scenic route to the tower after the original entrance is compromised. While they travel, they start to fall in love. Both teams succeed in finding the upgrade, but Valshey ambushes them, critically injuring Aotho and immobilizing Laura with her own excessively-heavy rocket launcher. Everyone is captured and threatened to send them to the Spatial Vault. Oaosha's secret Censen powers are revealed and her phasepower arm is twisted, while Vawghner's revealed to be Valshey's son and makes it look like this was part of the plan. These revelations fracture their relationships between Rhybe and Laura as a result.

With a severe mistrust spawned from this revelation, Rhybe, Laura, and Vau infiltrated the Armatage HQ to find the final piece that Vau needs to locate the Spatial Vault alone as they couldn't trust Oaosha and Vawghner. While Rhybe infiltrated the HQ posing as Maurmice via hologuise, Laura put on Armatage clothing and posed as a tour guide for several people to provide a distraction while they find the final piece. But the two are immediately caught when the alarm goes off unexpectedly, as Maurmice was revealed to still be alive and the one that died was a clone, while the real one was watching their progress through Rhybe's own Holonet eye. They even found out that Millette, the Armatage hacker, had sold them out because Maurmice threatened to actually kill Wawn and Verette for spying on them, as the two were actually placed in an ether dimension. They were arrested and brought to him as he reactivates Rhybe's mind-control implant, and commands him to do something he knew would hurt him: kill Laura.

But before he could do so, Oaosha and Vawghner appeared as Coss had Oaosha's arm treated with healing fluid, allowing her to destroy the cybernetics on him that were controlled by him the moment he took the final swipe, saving Laura, and having her forgive her for her lies. They stole the final piece, but Maurmice set the Armatage HQ to self-destruct against his superior's wishes and secretly downloaded his own consciousness into a dataport for his bodyguard Dumpster to transfer while he went to kill Rhybe personally using the Armatage HQ's security system. Rhybe ends up accidentally killing him by getting him pulled into a reactor, and his group exit to find that Valshey had opened the Spatial Vault. But the guardian, a giant stone pseudo-Uridi-Titan statue with teleporting abilities named Spatius, comes to destroy them all as it's goal is to defend the superweapon inside, as it could destroy entire systems. But Rhybe discovers through his intuition that Spatius himself IS the superweapon as he was an attempt to reverse-engineer Uridi-Titans as a backup defense. They find that Vau is the one keeping it there, so they had no choice but to destroy him, with Laura using Valshey's rocket launcher to do it. Angry, a crippled Valshey vowed revenge until Vawghner, Millette, a freed Wawn and Verette, and Aurgust, who has had a change of heart upon Valshey leaving him to die while the HQ was blowing up, drove her away.

The heroes recover and go to Old Bravo, Aurgust's hometown, and with a recovered Loadston, and with Rhybe and Laura finally confessing their love for each other, plan to save Vau and open the Spatial Vault again, this time using Vau's colossal body to fight against Spatius, once they find out that Valshey, now having her legs replaced with rockets, aims to try again and use Spatius as a plan for revenge, this time coming in with everything she got from Jaxtom. They pilot the restored Vau as Valshey has managed to steal Qorthys and use her to complete her own robot Gordys into opening the Spatial Vault once she found more clues on their origins. This resulted in a three-way battle between Colossal Vau, Colossal Qorthys-Gordys, Spatius, and the Vault Seekers, who came to respond to Qorthys' abduction. Valshey even threw all of Jaxtom's remnant power at them and turned the entire valley into a battlefield. In the end, they discover that Spatius himself wants to die a superweapon as his existence was pain since he was built to be a last-resort during a cataclysmic war. They do so as Oaosha and Laura enter his teleport gland until Valshey intercepts them. They fought until the gland's Guardians appeared and killed her, with Laura and Oaosha using their powers and guns to finish her off. They plant the bomb, but since the trigger doesn't work as the bomb is too out-of-range, Laura sacrifices herself to detonate the bomb by jumping out of the flying caravan, and allow Vau to finish it off. Laura survives but is in critical condition. But Oaosha manages to use her Censen powers to heal her. The group thus enter the Vault with their unintended allies and collect all inside. Laura and Rhybe open the master chamber together and propose to each other, becoming a married Vault Seeker couple who live in Dare City to this day, and even find out that Xelix had escaped his kidnapping and left a remains of the 100 millites of that briefcase for them to make their own lives until he would return.


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