Lax X. Fulwame is an Alternate UUniversal Fulwama from Planet Zoytia. He is a Macrauchenia-like llama that is the owner of a naturalist (sentient animal nudist) colony in Zoo Vista City. People like Sudy 'Dot' Foots are appalled by his nudity, regardless of AUU sentient animals' abilities to retract and detract genitals at will, which is called genitraction, and one time she visits him in a case with her partner Zuko Savage, and Zuko had visited him so many times to get used to him. He had a brother who was an inventor of many forms of censorbots (robots programmed for censorship of profanity, and a controversy of going Family Guy PTV FCC on everyone multiple times), which was considerably ironic to many people on Zoytia. He is the AUU version of Yax.


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