Leader Boing

Leader Boing.

Boing G. Crank is an Alternate UUniversal Ojutan from Planet Nonnus. He is the long-lost brother of the anti-robot-rights fanatic Roboface, as he is one of many to laugh at his ridiculous name, and offered many other alternatives that he thought was dumb. Boing was the leader of the Helen-Vertse system and the head of it's wide-spread bot factories and, being a far-cry from his brother, loved robots to a magnifisent T and is a supporter of rights for bots. However, he's somewhat of a back-peddling weakling as he would priortised family first before personal beliefs. And that is espeically true when Roboface contacted him and warned him that the VA will attack the system and only Roboface can stop it if he delivers a robot army, of which Boing was willing to provide in return for just that. However, the Vert-Bots, under control of VertSpek, caught him in the act and intended to arrest him, but ended up horribly disfiguring him into a freak more powerfully painful to look at than Roboface. Boing, wanting to make sure he maintains a leader status, he framed the bots as rouge, thus forcing the bots and VertSpek to play along due to lack of evidence that Boing was a traitor. He has assumed role as leader again and has been able to get away with his attempt ever since, at the price of looking like a diappointment to Roboface, who because of failure to supply ends up being the butt of jokes ever since.


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