Ever since the episode Leader of the Leage!, Junjie has finally gotten the respect from the leage he deserves. He certainly never bowed to High Council threats and instead had guards forceably escorted them out! Cause of the Leage having maintain their extremest status, it has become impossable to get even a moment's rest without having to deal with a leage extreme plan that is certainly hard to congure quickly. Even more so now the leage no longer do the bidding of Darkspawn thanks to the mess in The Biggest Game Changer 5-parter. Fortunely, incrised challnage aside, the Lougers have still kept the leage from getting the Uuniverse under their control each-time, and had certainly kept it that way ever since. However, they would soon face a new problem: The no longer a darkspawn Malefor! After finally escaping from his inconvinvence as a frog, Malefor desides he needs to get the leage to want to help Darkspawn again by apologising for favering a usurping abomination over Mirage, promises he won't do something stupid like that again, and insist it was because he was malmitulated by The Grand Designer back when it was obsessed by its own madness of trying to destroy the lougers which lead to the events in the uncannon series regarding the rest of his race. However, Junjie proves unwilling cause having been betrayed by demons before, like Tirek, Xehanort, and finally Malefor, he's no longer open to trusting demons anymore even if they promise great power! Mirage certainly has scars too great and personal to heal truely, and the rest of the leage did nothing but taunt, insult, and made fun of him. It helps little that when Malefor was turned into a frog, he also lost his powers of the purple dragon, so now, he's just a dragon who's hard to look at. So, Malefor's on his own now. With Dr. Nefarious even more against him outside of being a twat, and the Scourge Imperials faver Makuta much more,  Malefor desided there's only one way to earn the leage's trust again: Free the Darkspawn brotherhood himself! To do this, he mimics Tirek and has started to suck out the power and talents of ponies to re-create his own power till he becomes strong enough to have his original powers again! But Spyro, Kairi and the rest of the lougers decide that it's finally time to put Malefor out of his misery before he succeeds where Tirek failed. All the while, Mang and Teen Mang, desided that while Spyro and Company are busy with Malefor, deside that it's time Junjie pays a full heavy price at being leader and for being respondsable for Malefor's new traitiorious game plan by allowing his insult to go unanswered and make him rue the day his extremist behavior pushed too far!

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