After having embarrassed herself in front of the Heroes Act for her lies, Leliana has been falling into depression now that her fame has been lost. Leliana is now the most unpopular hero character in AUU fiction. Her reason of pretending to be a hero was purely out of job-loss anxity and wanted to cling to fame anyway she can, so she and a few actor friends and a few hired traveling acter troupes pretended to be enforcers and villains to relive her former days as an actor. Chase avoided quitting being a hero thanks to Soothsayer's wise words, but has grown to dispise Leliana ever since and never wants anything to do with her again. Most of the heroes act share this opintion, except Shamantha and Magnum, Hudson Turbo cause he's incapable to hold grudges, understanding that it wasn't Leliana's fault her fib ended up inviting her to trouble, and surprisingly Xandy, who only thinks she was a victim of dumb luck and intended no true malice, albeit she was abit of a bitch. Leliana has since became a giant unpopular disgrace. Her luck, couldn't get any worse, she thought. However, she ends up being kidnap by still loyal fans that, ironicly are former VA members. Slash Burn and his minions, Errix Horror, and Homer Cide, all kidnap Leliana for the sake of forcing her to do private shows for them. It turns out, the fall of the VA was so trumatising to them, that they regressed to morally confused man-children that end up becoming fans of Leliana, tecnecally giving them incomplete reformnation, cause they are still dangerious if prevoked or cause of un-predictability. Leliana calls the Heroes Act and warns them that mentally trumatised former VA members that became obcessive fans of hers have kidnap her and are forcing her to entertain them, but they don't believe her and think it's a trick to make them come to a trap in a sad attempt to destroy the HA's credability, with Xandy, Hudson, Shamantha, and Magnum being shut out for knowing better cause they were the only ones sympathic for her. Fortunately, Xandy desides she needs to prove to the other more spectical members that Leliana is in legit trouble with help from the lougers! But can Xandy and the Lougers prove it in time before the deludional fanboys keep Leliana as their private entertainment slave forever, or worse?


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