Leliana X (Normal)

Leliana Pescha Almanax

Leliana P. Almanax is an Alternate UUniversal Preen from Planet Graphene. She was famed as an actor for a show called 'Leliana X', where she depicted the main character being a person who was implanted with a microchip that allowed her to tap into the information grid and create a virtual picture of events in her mind, defeating and capturing many Villains Act members on the run, and nothing could escape her. But because of a career crisis, she was looking for personal fame upon her series' cancellation, despite the fact that the show's 6-season run earned a massive fan base and was considered one of the most revolutionary TV shows of it's time, and she did that by claiming that she was actually the real hero. But she was eventually forced to admit the truth to the Heroes Act when her cowardice came full circle. But even though she was hated for these lies, Chase Cannell, a fan of her show, felt bad for her after she fell into depression and after getting over his hurt feelings about being lied to about Leliana, and after rescuing her from crazy Villains Act fanboys, she and Chase decided to become friends. She soon became a marketing agent and advertiser for the Heroes Act, and though her fame had briefly went down, she regained it by creating a TV series called Ultimate Heroes Act with her previous Graphene connections, and not only co-directs, but she also acts in the show as a character named 'Lella Iris', who has cybernetic eyes that play the same role as the 'microchip' of Leliana X. She can sometimes enjoy being called 'Leliana X' by her friends in the Heroes Act. Eventually this fictional life ends up a split personality that allows Leliana to make up for her cowardice and this personality has the same powers as Leliana X thanks to a wish from a Fiction Reaper named Fan Servisca.


Leliana X

Leliana as Leliana X

Leliana was born on the movie-making planet of Graphene as the daughter of a rich family. She grew up hoping to be a movie star. This lead to her constantly giving herself makeovers and had become a germophobic child. This had ended up not only making her a popular child in her high school, but it also made her a target for several males since she was always beautiful. Upon graduating, she studied good forensics and literature. While she only made 4 books, she was an expert actor.

When she became 25, Leliana was cast as the main lead for a TV show called 'Leliana X', where she would play a character of the same name who was implanted with a microchip inside her head that allowed her to tap into the information grids of any kind of machine including satellites, computer networks, communications, and so on, allowing her to create a virtual picture of events in her mind. After the show's first 10 episodes went by, it was already starting to become popular. While Leliana would go on to act in other movies, she was best known for her role as Leliana X. She enjoyed it, and she actually volunteered in gymnastics so she could handle a few stunts, but she wasn't able to complete her training since she felt she was all set.

The series went on for 6 seasons and 419 episodes until it's eventual series finale. Though the series was over, the show was considered one of the most revolutionary TV shows of it's time, and because it had a massive fan base, the show continued to be played on TV. However, Leliana felt pretty bad since she felt that she needed more out of being just an actor for a popular TV show. So she decided that she bring it up by claiming that she was the real hero. She was made a bigger star because of these lies, but the problem in keeping it is that she wasn't a fighter. She was actually a bit of a coward, and feared that the Villains Act would someday come after her for it. Even today, she was still able to keep this secret. But eventually, she'll be forced to admit it when danger comes full-circle.

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