Leo Chameleo

Leo Samson Chameleo

Leo S. Chameleo is a Superior chameleon from Kratos. He was once bullied in high school for his timid nature and power mimicry, and when the bullies at one time start beating him up, they threaten to kill him if he told anyone. He ends up running away from home to put up a lawsuit against the bullies for the threat, and since his kind had little to no rights (Even though they were slowly starting to get them), he was denied the chance. The next day, the bullies went to his house and started assaulting him with bats, and Leo was forced to put them into a coma not just for self-defense, but to borrow one of the bullies' ability to heal to save himself from the fatal injuries. The bullies' families and Leo's, who had grown bitter and resentful, countersue each other, and even though Leo won the lawsuit when it was discovered they were attempting murder, he was put in probation and restraining order from the bullies or their families. Blaming society for denying him the chance to avoid that assault, he vowed to get revenge. Copyrightous offered him that chance by joining The Mimic Cult, where he would be named one of the leaders. No longer being the timid kid he once was, Leo is bitter and cruel, treating Superiors the same way they once treated his kind, and hopes that when the Mimic Cult took over, he would make them have little rights. He's also known to be, abit of a doofus, probably because the bullies hit his head harder than he thought. He is also easily distracted by his spieces' naterol erge to eat bugs. His powers include power mimicry, super-strength, and super-flight.
  • MCode: PmSfSs


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  • "We're not JUST doing this for absolute control! Though that is nice. We're doing this for the freedom of Mimic superiors everywhere and- OH, SILVERFISH!? (Eats it.) Aahhhh. What was I saying?"
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