Vital statistics
Title Head of Herbavoris Underworld
Gender Male
Race/Species Polar bear (Ursus maritimus)
Faction Herbavoris Underworld
Description Father Trying To Defeat Mayor Swineton Before His Son Gets His Tame Collar
Skills and Abilities Natural Polar Bear Abilities, Strict Protector
Status Alive
Location Zootopia (Hometown)

Herbavoris (Current Unfortunate Residence)

Alignment Neutral Good

Leonty is a Polar Bear from the world of Zootopia. He is the brother of Koslov, one of the polar bears who worked for Mr. Big before his retirement. He moved to Herbavoris before it became the infamous police-city it is today, bringing his young son with him. Later, on, after seeing this place fall into ruin, he soon became the head of the Predator Underground that makes a tough living under the watchful eyes and surveillance of Herbavoris' law-enforcement. He had hoped to correct the oppression of his kind before his son would be forced into the ceremony where he had to lawfully gain his Tame Collar as Herbavoris' main method of predator control as the second-class citizens of Herbavoris. Unfortunately, he wouldn't get proper justice in time. He has since become a very bitter and very mean person who, despite successfully killing a T.U.S.K. officer, only did so by accident when protecting a great supportive friend of his. He shows no trust to strangers until they prove their worth, which was hard to achieve given the hardships of Herbavoris' society and the critical dedication of protecting the Predator Underground from Swineton's rule.


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