Tersen G. Armx, AKA Lethal Arms, is an Alternate UUniversal Ohrugan from Planet Ohrugon. He was a former member of the Ohrugan Ranger Core and was among the greatest and most versatile members at the time. However, when fighting in a Villains Act battle, he ended up dying in a trap and shot to death. Later on, Corruption Co. decided to rebuild his body as his skill proved to be useful. So his body was healed up, his deceased conscience was replaced with a malicious AI that would replace his identity forever, his body would be cybernetically-enhanced, and he would become the powerful Villains Act soldier known as Lethal Arms. Corruption Co. gave him an entire army of deceased soldiers who have went under the same fate as he had called the Lethal Arms Faction, consisting of either former soldiers with AI as consciousness, or war-robots that wield heavy firepower. Lethal Arms was best known for being a weapons smuggler and raider who supplied tons of weaponry for the Villains Act as his Arms Faction made it difficult for anyone to stop him. Though he has rocket-fists and arms that transform into disintegrating particle miniguns, he only uses them as a handy surprise attack and commonly wields any gun he can find, along with a powerful suit of armor that possesses a recharging energy shield, a wearable computer, and an ISD for storing up to dozens of different weapons.


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