Leven Berg

Leven Harrison Burg

Leven H. Berg is an Indonesian coelacanth from the world of SpongeBob. He is a paleontologist that studies the lifeforms of the underground prehistoric sanctuary dubbed 'Subterra', which consists of wildlife like that of Rraarg and many other fictional species among the SpongeBob world which are mysterious, living for years within a coral forest of massive bamboo coral, organ pipe coral, staghorn coral, sea fans, and a colorful jungle of mazes and surprises which they discovered is actually a sanctuary of prehistoric living fossils they have come to study for decades. Leven intends to study them for the good understanding of the pursuit of knowledge, but his brother Monte Berg was very different as he believed that this information could be used for more inventive uses, which was a very deadly risk that caused an argument leading to the two ending their partnership. He has since left swearing to make his dream a reality before Leven could do so for his own. He even had 2 pet Flabellina iodinea nudibranches which are much different than Puffy Fluffy that now serve Monte as he took them away when the two brothers separated, and they reproduced not too long after he left and they eventually had 14 babies.
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