Lexys Heta Oppolzer

Lexys H. Oppolzer is an Alternate UUniversal Qauzan from Planet Qauzuno. She is an invertebrate alien being from Union of Independent Systems territory that hails from a near-dead planet in the uncharted isolated areas of the Inbaralt Sector in the Theta Universe, which is mostly dominated by the Spaceans and the Theta Exodius. Raised as an orphan by the Spaceans in the Spae Laetus Nebula, Lexys ran away at age 19 and became a Theta Universe smuggler who was into smuggling the mysterious and most occult parts of the AUU, admiring them for how useful they can be, and even became one of the many AUU inhabitants to smuggle from other dimensions after going through too many quantum energy space storms in her space cruiser, the Farbeyond. She was even a close friend to Shiv Lecon before he joined The United Usurpation Force, who she despises for being righteously determined to 'right the wrongs done by UIS', though she considers herself neutrol to UIS on some things, she does get the idea that they only want independence for the Isolated Systems and reckitneses the extreme flaws of the USRA, along with the fact that she questions some of the UUF's methods to try and "Right the Wrongs" with wrongs themselves, arguing that behavior like that will only encourage UIS' to stay on their path, if not encourage them to be even stricter, meaning that it'll only perpetuate a vicious cycle and thus nobody in UIS terratory will know peace, whether they support them or not. Thus, she deemed it prudent to make sure UIS maintain an advantaged edge over UUF, getting together with Captain Charge's rival Zach Dodgers, who was also raised by Spaceans and gained superpowers from intense exposure to the Spae Laetus Nebula's energy. Lexys continues to smuggle dimensional relics for science to UIS and always beats the UUF to the punch while also fawning over the accomplishments of Zach.


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