Libby Ation

Libby Rala Ation

Libby R. Ation is an Alternate UUniversal Grasstone from Planet Aie Prog in the liberated side belonging to the Omnicans. She is a mantis-like creature with grasshopper legs and is the daughter of the original and rightful rulers of the Tibella System during a time of which it went by the name 'Aie'prog'ation System' before the group of the same name, The Tibella Inquisition, usurped it by killing all members of the family, and hunted down any stragglers including her parents, renaming the system in the process. She lives in the only shorce of the system's real name, Aie Prog, with her last name the final piece. Long ago, the Ations and the Tibellas used to be friends. But the Tibellas grew self-rightious and corrupt in their self-indulgent belief that the Tibellas are desten to rule the universes. The Ations tried to warn the family out of their ignorence, but failed when the Tibella family started to control worlds in the system. This forced USRA intervention since by proxy the Tibellas are a threat to universeal peace and had to be punished as such. With the patriarch punished and the system liberated, the Ations with a heavy heart resumed their rulership of the system with newfound respect to the USRA and far stronger outsider communities. However, a wise sage from Mireo warned the Ations that the USRA's methods of punishing the Tibellas for their self-rightious cruelty is desten to backfire horrendusly and that the Tibellas will create a terrorable organisation to put the world in a terrorable age. Not wanting the USRA to do the same what they did to a likewise group in a neightering system, if not worse, the Ations made a deal with the Mireoians. Being blessed to be able to comeback via the Mercoians' mysterical artifact, the sage stated that soon, a brave enough member will be a sole surviver and be able to take down the Tibella family and cleansed the Tibella of their corruption with their leader's soul of any generation taken by their great spirits, and for the rest of the tainted family to be cursed as beasts the Mireoians will never let go, leaving whatever pure enough members to be able to redeem the tainted family name. Ations relucently but understandingly accepted the terms, wanting to avoid having the alternate of the USRA flat out disposing of the Tibellas. As expected, the Tibellas took down the Ation leaders and any that managed to escaped. Even Libby's parents when she was a baby years later. But she was saved by a Omnican monk named Sarmariasla, who raised Libby like his own, and taught her how to fight, and told her that she's desten to set things right with the system. Knowing about her family's fate, she aims to correct the crimes of the Tibella and helped in making their rule as unsteady as possable. Intionally, however, she thought that all of the Tibellas are nothing but pure evil, then she ran into the pure-hearted but dutiful and obedient son of Tyberious TibellaTyberious The 900th, and secretly had feelings for him, but kept in denial of it until she saw Tyberious Jr treat a poor family with kindness and spared them of a harsh penality that usually comes with failure to pay dept, changing her beliefs that there are good Tibellas, but kept safely away from him knowing that he is still loyal to his father, Tyberious Sr, and has no ability to deny the will of his father even if he wanted to. But soon enough. Libby will become the savior of the system and bring peace to the system, through the most unlikely hero duo of the lougers ever. According to the extra material of Emperor Lu Kang Part 3, she is voiced by Thora Birch.


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Libby is a Grasstone, a mantis-grasshopper creature that has dexterous arms and can fly and jump at high distances with it's grasshopper legs and wings. She can also sense different kinds of electromagnetic radiation through her antennae. She is self-trained in self-defense and she knows a wide amount of magic spells. Her greatest source of power is her Orb of Mireo, a magical orb that has a mind of it's own, and can share it's power with her.

Her UIS Identity, Bright Bett, formerly Blight Bett, is a creature called a Malight, a mantisfly-like creature, and her species is the largest. She possessed a bioluminescent abdomen that can glow in any color for a reaction from any animal for any purpose such as defense or offense. Bett can fly at vast distances, and she carries 12 crystal ball orbs, 3 representing the four elements of magic including mind, soul, heart, and void, that work almost like the Orb of Mireo which she can control them at will. She also has a wandsword, a sword that acts like a wand, and a combat wand with a bayonet. Described as a former magic-selling mercenary that has been through a lot of life-changing experiences on the Planet Midius. She became a born strategist after playing a fantasy RPG going through a temporal rift that lasted a month in her time, and got roped into a war for the fate of a medieval planet in a state of magical crisis. Her mind is said to be an enigma and she always likes to fight with any magic she can get her hands on, and is super enthusiastic for magic, willing to use whatever magic she can find for the good of the UUniverses.


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