Fuce Rint Futter

Fuce R. Futter, AKA Liberator, is an Alternate UUniversal Faaboon from Planet Osdrone. He is an extremely strong supersoldier who inherited his superior abilities from his supersoldier parents who served during the Third AUU Cartoonian War. Fuce joined the Osdronian military and served during the Interuniversal War with Remus McKinley as well as the Crimson War, but only for a short time until the Villains Act captured him, and sent him to Planet Iarranthum, where he was forced to be in a gladiator VA show called VA Deadlockers, and won so many victories, he was given the title 'Liberator'. But when the Villains Act fell, Fuce was nowhere to be found when he stole a spaceship off the planet and crash-landed on Eorathos 2 days later. He pledged himself as a crime-fighting hero of the planet ever since, being a major ally to the I-Lite Police Forces, but goes by the name 'Liberator'. Remus, back on Osdrone, has been unaware of what happened to him since he was captured. Fuce looks similar to the Winter Soldier from the 2014 movie Captain America: The Winter Soldier, but because of so much aggravation when being in the Deadlockers, had become extremely full of himself and will attack anyone who crosses him, and fights only for his hunger of want and destruction. He isn't willing to join the Heroes Act, even when he discovers that Remus is a part of it, because he states that he works alone. However, sometimes when your a hero, even the most stubbern habits have to come to an end sometime.


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