Lieren Wag Shēngming is a white wolf from the Kung Fu Panda world. She is the biological mother of Dai Wag (Boss Wolf) and Dai Shi, and is the guardian of the Shangri-La Chi Lands in the Zhongdian Area of the Yunnan Province. She is part of the chi-wolves of balence and the real owners of Shnagra La. But they lost it when the Chimons, AKA Chi-Demons, attacked and took over the sacred place. Thanks to the lies of these failed creations of the Yaoguai, the rest of China has been made to believe that Lieren is an evil Chi Parasite that torments Zhanzheng and his Chi-Tanuki people. But Zhanzheng actually claimed they were real despite being an obvious lie as a means to have people and especially his Chinese Tanuki species have faith in themselves. Though this left Lieren and the Wolves of Exsile to stop the Chi-Demons, under the leadership of the evil Jir Ki, from using a highly-dangerous reality-warping Legendary World Scroll that would allow them to change the way things are and undo tragedy in China. As a means of contingency, the Chi-Demons, posing as the Chi-Tanuki as their true forms resemble the demons of the first live-action Scooby-Doo movie, have made Lieren look like a Chi Parasite that torments the Chi-Tanuki for their Chi. But in reality, it's all apart of the Chi Wolf of Balence to give and take chi away as part of a balence of things.


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