Lieutenant Blacker

Lieutenant Blanson Jorr Blacker

Lieutenant Blanson J. Blacker is an Alternate UUniversal Collow from Planet Nimboo. He was originally a member of the Nimboo Rebellion until he betrayed them and became a member of the Villains Act, becoming the assistant to General Tex and a lieutenant for the VA's Anti-Rebellion Forces. But since General Tex's beliefs made him fear that the Villains Act would make them weak and would only lead to them being destroyed, he made the biggest mistake of his life. He tricked some Starbots into murdering the family of one of the Villains Act's bribe victims, Clast, and getting him sent to Oranos by tricking everyone in believing he was a greedy fanatic. As punishment for this betrayal, he was sentenced to death, going out like a pansy. However, when Xemantha ends up changing AUU reality, things may end up being different for him.


Blanson was born on Planet Nimboo. As with his species' nature, he was raised by two Stripebills since his mother laid his egg in their nest. Blanson's adopted parents didn't realize this until he became 10, when he ended up being bigger than their own babies, and yet they still decided to raise him since they felt it wasn't right to abandon him. Despite this, Blanson was a huge jerk, even to his own adopted siblings, because he believed that, being bigger than them, he was rightfully superior. This even made him think he had the right to bully them whenever he wanted. But when this ended up doing downhill when he ended up getting sued by one of his siblings for one of his actions, he was sent to military school, with his parents never being on his side when he begged them to help.

Angry that everyone he knew 'abandoned' him, Blanson's anger and attitude moved him to the point where he was chosen to be a member of the Nimboo Rebellion once the Villains Act took over the planet. However, since he didn't want to be part of the military to begin with, and instead wanting to show the AUU how he felt by becoming strong, he decided that the Villains Act would offer him that chance, and he ended up betraying the rebel faction he was in by lying to his commanding officer about an escape route, only for it to be a Starbot-infested area. The leader and the other rebels were lost from the ambush, and a rebellion was momentarily quelled. Blacker then appeared to Darkness Qui and wanted to join so he could have a taste of power and control. Qui was reluctant since, because he wasn't remotely loyal to a rebel group, he might end up doing it again. Though Blacker insisted he would never dream of it, and so he was included as a lieutenant of the VA's Anti-Rebellion Forces, becoming the partner of General Tex.

Blacker had some respect for Tex for when he was ruthless to enemies, but it was dented slightly when he discovered that it's only as long as the enemy is armed. Tex had proven to have a sense of honor for a supposed ruthless general of the Villains Act, though Blacker felt disappointed that someone like Tex existed. Having discovered that Tex had a belief that all life was precious, Blacker felt like he got himself in the wrong position. He feared that the Villains Act would no longer be the strong warmongers he thought they were, so he felt that he needed to make the VA roughen up. He had such an opportunity when Clast was arrested by dumb luck during a leverage scheme. Blacker wanted Tex to kill Clast's family to prevent Clast from having proof against the Villains Act that Clast was bribed into benefiting them, and just make him look like a greedy fanatic. But Tex refused to do so because it was not Clast's fault he was arrested. Angered, Blacker tried to finish it himself, not just because he feared for the legacy of the Villains Act, but because he figured that having someone who is a detonation terrorist would benefit them and himself.

To accomplish his goal, Blacker tricked the Starbots with a forgery that Tex had ordered the execution of Clast's wife and children to dispose of any evidence pointing to the Villains Act, outside of Clast making bombs for them cause there was no way out of that obviously. To add insult to injury, he created a fake holographic recording of Clast stating that he did it for the money as a fake 'journal entry' to cement Clast as a permanent member of the Villains Act. By the time Tex had discovered the deception, it was too late. The job had already been done, and Clast was sent to Oranos as punishment for his 'actions'. Outraged, Tex scolded Blacker for botching up a perfectly good scheme. After discovering Blacker's true intentions when Blacker tried to explain that he did it to prevent them from getting attacked, Tex was outraged by Blacker's savage decision, and argued that any attack would be just as easily avoided by simply surrendering the family back to the Grand Council.

Tex had brought this up to Qui, and despite Blacker expecting that Qui wouldn't agree with such beliefs, Qui was instead angry at him because she had too much respect for Tex and his place as general. While Qui didn't ignore Clast's potential, she commented that Blacker was just as bad as Commander Yarge since such acts were too dangerous and would instead destroy the Villains Act as opposed to protecting it. Plus, since he had clearly promised her that he wouldn't betray them on the exact day he joined, Qui decided that he pay with his own life, despite Blacker begging. He was taken away by the Starbots, screaming and begging for his life, as he was ordered to be executed by Qui's personal Starbot Drones Cone Unit 1991 and Commandress Drone 78. He was placed in the execution chamber where he was shot to death by the many turrets inside, dying in disgrace

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