Lieutenant Winceslas

Lieutenant Deacon Evan Wenceslas

Lieutenant Deacon E. Winceslas is an Alternate UUniversal Chusammga from Planet Warboth. He had betrayed his commanding officer, and was killed, but was saved by Techno Tarold when he fit him with a cyborg eye that examines a target's weakness, and a cybernetic rocket launcher arm to strike them with. Since then, he was an expert fighter and a strategic agent of destruction. He was involved in several Villains Act victories including the takeover of the AUU Currency Troupe, and the takeover of the illegal cryptivite-rich Duruta. He was soon defeated by Clifton Clever twice. He has yet to return.


Deacon was born during the late Interuniversal War on the Planet Warboth, which played a strong role in the War. His father was formerly a member of the Warbothian Navy who lost one of his eyes during the last battle. He tragically died during the time Deacon became 15. Instead of being part of the Navy like his father, he became a part of the Marines. There, he was given rigorous training, and he actually did much better in it than his father. He moved up into 1st Lieutenant in the first 6 months, and served well in protecting his home from several minor attacks. In fact, he had a talent of operating the many kinds of machinery that Globex had provided. During a mission to assassinate a traitorous soldier that was about to spark another war, he was able to help kill him, despite a few mistakes, and had hoped to rank up. Unfortunately, his commanding officer had denied it because he almost risked the exposure of their whole plan of attack.

Over the next few years, Deacon was failing to go up the rank. He kept making mistakes that left him unable to advance, making him more aggravated. However, when the Villains Act came into existence, he was given an opportunity to get what he wanted when making a deal with General Grosvenor. But angry at his constant failures, he decided to give that up, and go to personal payback. He was able to convince his commanding officer to plan an attack on a VA base that was made on Warboth. But when they get there, they find it was a trap, and all the soldiers there were killed. The commanding officer was disappointed that Deacon had betrayed him, and before he could be killed by the VA, he shot a gas barrel right near Deacon that exploded and destroyed part of his body, killing him.

After a year of being in stasis, Deacon's body was revived by Techno Tarold, the former CEO of Techma Corps, one of the VA's earliest sources of science and technology before Corruption Co.. Having escaped from prison, and having basic cybernetic parts from Oranos after his poisoned body parts were amputated, Tarold was able to replace his destroyed body parts with cybernetics, and even giving him a missile-launcher arm with a cybernetic eye that he can use as a lock-on. Tarold was hoping Deacon would help him with stealing back his Aluminite Prototype so he can resume providing his old technology, but can't get his old company back due to being no reason for it due to Corruption Co., but Darkness Qui instead took him to be part of many conquest invasion forces. Since then, Deacon has been part of the many conquest invasions all over the UUniverses. He helped the VA conquer the Currency Troupe, he helped them take over Duruta, and he even served during various invasions that tried to conquer Roozsia, Osdrone, and even Warboth.

But one day, he was involved in an invasion force on Chimerum. While he didn't lead the attack, he was responsible for leading several Starbot infantries that happened to attack the hometown of Clifton Clever. Obviously, Clifton didn't like that, and while he was unable to find the leader of the attack, he was able to scare them off the planet by turning Wenceslas into the authorities, and sending him to Oranos. But thanks to Grosvenor, who had heard that he was still alive, yet wasn't able to see, he was able to recover his confiscated arm cannon, and break out 2 other prisoners to get revenge on Clifton by taking his girlfriend, Superius Samantha, and his family hostage while helping Grosvenor search for a rebellion base so they could destroy it. But they failed to realize that Samantha was a magician, and helped Clifton stop the attempt. Thus, Grosvenor retreated, leaving Wenceslas and the other 2 prisoners to be arrested and sent back to Oranos, where they still are today.

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