The next AUU mission is in the Nyrge System on Planet Nyrve. This world has delved into the darkness of reality and decided to ignore it by either establishing an isolation from the rest of the AUU in a totalitarian dystopia, or an underground fantasy where virtual reality is used to escape cruel reality. The dystopian reality prefers to ignore reality by forbidding outside contact and establishing a totalitarian government of isolationism and Orwellianism under the rule of the serious and strict President Harshwall, while this upper goverment has established the utopian virtual reality called the Nyrvous System, NyS for short, which ignores it by drowning angst in a fantasy world of their design where everything is unrealistically peaceful, often resulting in permanent lobotomy and blindness to reality, having no rulers of their own and doing what they want while being watched by Harshwall. Bad looking as it appears, ultamately Harshwall is doing what is best for the people as this extremeness has a very good purpose, as before this, the people's hatred of reality was bad enough that sueiside started to become a problem because of how distasteful reality is, and the goverment was forced to put a stop to it by becoming as extreme as it is else the sueiside epidemic would've destroyed Nyrve socity. In laymen's terms, facing reality would LITTERALLY kill these people. Thus, it makes the fact that there's a splinter cell movement against Harshwall called Reality Checkers aiming to take down this goverment and the virtual reality it created look more and more like extremely misguided well-intentioned but ultamately socity destroying terrorists. Now the Lougers and the HA are caught in a conflicting dilemma of fighting against the Reality Checkers and protect the fantasy symulaters the goverment established.

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