Ligeroan Valley

Ligero is a world originating in the Disney Universe. This is a world located in the famed Equinoxious System, and the home planet of the fabled Lightflies, the butterfly-like guardians of light power all across the UUniverses. The Lightflies started out as an average butterfly alien race until their discovery of light powers turned them into angelic pure-hearted beings who later had to fight their planetary neighbors turned into greedy dark-hearted beings called Mothrons who fought them in a never-ending war for their power. Ligero is described in lore as the highest of utopian societies as it could make others look weak by comparison. It is the closest planet in it's system to the Sun, as it is so close, that it has eternal daytime, and it has an extra atmospheric layer that protects it from the intensity of the close sunlight and UV radiation, and even the plants themselves have been naturally bred to withstand this sunlight. There is large flying islands, mountains, and rock fields, the gravity is 10% weaker than that of Earth due to it's moderately-smaller size, and the wildlife is quite beautiful to look at.


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Fauna and Flora

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