Lightflies and Mothrons are insect-like beings of pure light and dark energies. Their history has been partially unknown, yet they are known as the guardians of lightness and darkness. Inhabiting the Equinoxious System which is a magically-mobile constantly-relocating system that truly originated in the Disney Universe, these beings are very powerful and can use their respective powers to the best of their ability.

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Lightfly Species

The Lightflies are butterfly-like sentient beings of angelic properties who are the guardians of light. Once just average butterfly aliens, They were the first to be born in their history and were born in the first day lightness was born. Though when corruption began, so began their dark moth counterparts, the Mothrons, who started a never-ending war for the fate of both light and dark. They still do this to this very day to maintain the fragile balance of their respective sides. The Lightflies are very precious, wise, noble, nice, and so pure of heart that only the strongest of dark energy can corrupt them. They have even played a part in the formation of the Keyblade weapon when the Mothrons discovered the Keyhole. They exist in the capital planet Ligero, which is so utopian and beautiful it puts many other utopian-promised lands to complete and utter shame. It managed to maintain beautiful luxious jungles and life even dispite being close to the Sun to the point that shadows almost never exist and yet the planet isn't burned to a terrorable wasteland, though this can be possably credited by the the use of light magic.


The Lightflies existed in the days before the first war when many other civilisations didn't existed yet. The Lightflies, before earning thier outsider given nicknames, were once named after their planet as the Ligeroians. They were among the few races to have automatic knowledge of the afterlife dimention known as "Kingdom Hearts" and know about the infamed Door to it. They excel purely to it's lightside and thus, became the Lightflies we knew today. They were mostly a matriarocal socity, females having automatic includtion to goverment and millaterry. They're often capable of being solely on magic and archery, but they're not afraid to be confrontational with agility and being deceptively strong. In spite of that, the Lightflies prefer to be a peaceful socity and only fight when defending themselves or others.

However, their neighters, the Obscurons, or would soon become to be known as the Mothrons, would declare war in the name of "Mother Darkness" against what the Lightflies dubbed the powers of light as "Mother Light". The Lightflies and the Mothrons had been at it ever since.


As you can clearly can tell, they process a strong consintraction of light magic. Though for reasons of being more versitail, they are also masters of archery. Sometimes, they can opt for physical combat, where they can fight with grace like a ballerina in combat, doubled with flight and athletic quickness and gymnastic skill.


Inspite of looking delicate and fragile, they're tougher then they look. In thanks to life of living too close to the Sun, Lightflies have became naturally durable and even almost immune to burns such as sunburns or sun-poisoning, if not also for the bonus of being immortal. However, sunlight is the one thing they thrive on. If they remain out of sunlight for too long, they can weaken and their immortality can fade away until starvation. They will not be able to last a full week without light.

Like butterflies, the Lightflies go through the stages of metamorphosis. Starting out as eggs that are laid in very secluded hatcheries with nurturing algae and sunlight, and then caterpillars, then a pupa that goes into a cocoon, then emerges as an adult. The eggs and caterpillars are dimly-bioluminescent, yet they start out extra-sensitive to the sun as their eyes and bodies have not yet developed fully, so they have to be kept in cooling chambers until they get old enough to be naturally use to the Sun. They eventually get to a cocoon cycle and eventually become a Lightfly. Like many other creatures, the gender is determined by the amount of heat produced during incubation in the eggs.

Despite being capable of eating, they are actually semi-autotrophs. Their bodies share a symbiotic relationship with algae that nurture them into producing their own food. But they also require heterotrophic diets as they consume plant material including flowers, leaves, fruits, vegetables, nectar, sap, syrup, and even pollen, as these materials rejuvenates their photosynthetic abilities. Though they still need to subject themselves to sunlight, oxygen, and water, and thus they are active fliers, swimmers and bathers, and sun-bathers. The most algae can be found in their colorful wings.

The pattern of the individual's wings is actually what determines the individual's caste, as there are over a hundred of them as the word 'caste' is how they describe an occupation or career. Though an individual starts out bioluminescent at birth, by adulthood, they are only partially bioluminescent.




The Lightrossians are once normal Rossians, which are beetle-niod beings, that began to worship the Lightflies as a "god race" and followed their exsamples and laws. Ever since the Darkross tragity, the Lightrossians have since lived with the beings they idolised. The Lightrossians serve dutifully without question to the Lightflies, whether catering to them or willing to fight to the bitter end for their honor. Lightrossians have been known to serve as precursors and ambassitors to Lightflies in other worlds, to inform them of their arrival or to make them aware of their need for aide or even to earn of an impending Mothron problem. If nessersary, sometimes Lightrossians can serve as needed guides to those that need to get through Darkross with aide, though that is only given to a brave enough Lightrossian since their bitter cousins, the Darkrossians, have been known to give rather, "extreme" welcoming commeties to returning Lightrossians, in trying to convert them to Darkrossians. In retrospect, the Lightrossians are guilty of this to, though given what happened to their world, can you really blame them?



Mothron Species

The Mothrons are moth-like sentient beings of dark angelic properties who are the guardians of dark. Formerly your avergae moth alien race, the birth of corruption coming from those who wished to have the power of light all to themselves gave birth to these beings, who thus started a war against the Lightflies to claim all that they had. To this day, they still fight in their never-ending war and neither side has a winner. The Mothrons inhapit the planet Obscuro, which is an extreme oppisite to the utopian beauty of the Lightfly planet, where because of being so far away from the Sun to the point of it never being able to reach it, it's no surprisingly a dark and periolious wasteland. It has nothing but monsterious and carnvious wildlife and a select few plants that were magicly altered to survive without sunlight, though at the price of these plants becoming equily hostile as well.


The Mothrons, formerly the Obscurons, were creatures that lead an unfortunate existence. Like the Lightflies, they were the earliest races to exist in the united universes before the first war, and were once a normal alien moth race. The difference is that they had the strongest enfluence in magic to the point that it left them not exactly able to be as physically diverse as the Lightflies (Exceptions exist) and are solely magic users. They have been known to use magical creations to fight their battles for them, commenly prefering not to attack things themselves unless they have to. In thanks to a spell gone array, their planet of Obscuro ended up being moved too far from the sun to the point of the sun being inable to reach them. As a result, and knowing of Kingdom Hearts like the Lightflies, they were force to turn to darkness magic because of being more stronger and promising for their crisis then the slightly less stronger light magic in compairision. In a way, it got them what they wanted and enabled them to survive in an unforgiving wasteland along with new creatures and plants, but with a clear and dark price.

Living in a more imperialistic rule, the Mothrons came to worship darkness as "Mother Darkness", viewing themselves as it's children in due for it saving them from almost certain doom. They also became very tec savy as seen as they wore armor enhancements on their already tough exxoskelitons for precautions against a threat, whether of nature or supernatrol. The Mothrons are purely patriarchial, as males often have automatic place in goverment and millaterry (exceptions exist).

Their love for darkness earns both the fear and sympathy of their neightbering Ligheflies, fearing an ineditable war due to eachother's conflict of interest, which unfortunately, the Mothrons were more then happy to confirm those fears.


Vastly unlike the Lightflies, Mothrons are purely magic focued fighters, and even with their strong cape/cloak-like wings, they're not much capable for fast flight arobetics (exceptions can exist, though mainly for females) and due to their tall frames, are usually too clumsy for such things.

They make up for this by having strong dark magic and durable defence and unquestionably scary intellect. They also process long arms with three-fingered hands that can retract freakishly long nails that have great grips and clawwed talons on their feet.

Joined with tecno-armor, Mothron exoskelitons are the toughest things to break, even if your the biggest thing in the worlds or even the universe. They are weak to fire and no surprisingly light, though unless if by Kingdom Hearts magic of fire or pure light, the worse it'll do is burn them cause of their immortality, and even then, bathing in the shadows will heal them quickly, so even destroying their wings would be useless.


As moth-people, they can be naturally drawn to light and light magic in the same manner, but can be commonly unused to light itself, but mostly during their pre-adult years. They are nocturnal as well, and have a nocturnal/crepuscular sleep schedule. But unlike the Lightflies, they are actually omnitropes, as special algae native to their world allows them to enhance themselves when feeding on light energy, and they also consume meat and plant products of all kinds. Plus, their immortality depends on their metabolism and diet, and when feeding on enough light energy, they can purify their immortality so that they won't end up with common elderly appearances and hindrances. They do however, also need to be in pure shadows to also have this, or else lesser shadows, while it does satisfy them, will make them incrisingly older and weaker, though it doesn't greatly effect their immortality other then being able to take some form of damage from a powerful enough shorce.

Like the Lightflies, and normal moths for that matter, they too go through metamorphosis. Starting out as small eggs whose incubation is accelerated when feeding on light energy, which is why they can sometimes be laid in Lightfly colonies to feed off of it. Though when not feeding on light energy, the eggs, and larvae for that matter, have to be kept warm due to the harsh cold environment of their home planet, and the gender itself is determined by the amount of heated given off during incubation. Mothrons take longer to mature compared to Lightflies and have to go through extensive changes to reach maturity including going through 3 pupae stages, and 2 cocoon stages in order to be as strong as an average Mothron.

Their cloak-like wings may not exactly be graceful, but like Lightflies, they are patterned in hundreds of ways for caste positions. But like a moth's wings, at times they can be clumsily used and caught like they're bad fashion accessories, but they are still bred to be majestic and strong, and add to the already unsettling nature of Mothrons. They can fold around the Mothron's body like your average cloak, but when in flight, they can be deceptive fast despite lack of agility and prowess like a Lightfly as long as they are adequately trained to use them well. Because of being exposed to the darkness of Kingdom Hearts, they are among the only things capable to touch Darkness Ooze aside from corrupted-enough outsiders akin to Master Xehanort.

Even despite their lanky appearence, Mothrons are deceptively strong and even at old age, can run nightmarishly quick on ground if their wings are compromised in a way, and in thanks to immortality powered by their metabolism, even the strongest Non-Keyblade weapon can't hurt them anymore than a mere scratch. It's why even the most ballsy of the UUniverses prefer to stay clear of Mothrons when they can. Even the Grox know better to challenge the Mothrons.




Like Lightrossians, but Darker. The Darkrossians zealotiously worship even the very dirt a Mothron would walk apawn. Because of Mothron interfearence by a reckless Mothron Warlock named Mothlock, the Darkrossians now rule Darkross as a rename of the original "Ross", and still do because of the damage that the Lightflies have difficulty to cleanse on their own, which is among the reasons why a Uniter is impourent. Some Darkrossians went to join the Mothrons to their planet, others stayed to enjoy their rule. Because of still holding on to the teachings of the Warlock, Darkrossians have been known to come to the aide of villains, or as Mothrons would dub them, "Minor Servents of Darkness", aiming to inspire true servitude to "Mother Darkness". As such, High Council and Galactic Federation have outright forbid interactions with Darkrossians to prevent villains from becoming newborn Mothron Zealots. The warlock, who was banished by a then-emperor to a random unknown world, has yet to be recaptured and properly punished to avoid him from simply starting over again and resuming his plans, still being considered an active threat to cleaning up Darkross thanks to being immortal.
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