Lightning Dust

Lightning Dust

Lightning Dust
is a female Pegasus pony character who appears in the episode Wonderbolts Academy. Lightning Dust's cutie mark consists of a lightning bolt and three stars. She is shown to leave a blue and yellow thunderbolt streak behind her when she flies, similar to Rainbow Dash's rainbow streak and The Wonderbolts' trail of lightning clouds.

Depiction in the series

Lightning Dust is shown to be a vigorous and highly competitive flyer who loves to test her limits over what she can or cannot accomplish. With her strong attitude, her speed, and love for flying, she quickly forms a friendship with Rainbow Dash. However, because of her competitive spirit, Lightning Dust is also very reckless and shows little concern for anyone that becomes a victim of her actions. This is shown when she ignores Rainbow Dash's injury caused by her knocking her wing during a team exercise, or when she brushes off the fact that a tornado she caused flung Rainbow Dash's friends from Twilight's hot-air balloon, endangering them. Lightning Dust's recklessness and disregard for the well-being of others causes Spitfire to take away her team leader pin and give it to Rainbow Dash.

Role in the series

Lightning eventually appeared again in the Chronicles series. She is sent to Canterlot by Celestia in The REAL Best Night Ever, where she will become one of the bearers of the Other 5 Elements of Harmony, and will represent the element of Courage. She reveals that she has pushed her limits because of a deceased childhood friend who died in Wonderbolt Academy while catching a wing-paralyzing disease. She will also challenge Rainbow Dash and Golden Speed to a race, and go in an aggressive state by a dose of chemically engineered quantonium.

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