Lightning Strike

Lightning Strike

Lightning Strike is the sister of Thunderclap who like him, was victimised and made insane by the storm from the Pixar Dinosaur World. However, the difference is greater. While Thunderclap would end up getting his "Revelation" and become a zealotical predatory nutcase who worshiped an unsentent product of nature, "Sharla", her real name, didn't really die from the storm, but rather, was zapped unconjustus by it and fell, but was rescued by rouge Hades Superior sciencetists, who are tro Trodon brothers known as The Gemini Twins. They took her back to Kratos and back into Hades, and to save her life when her body was still damaged by the lightning, they made her a Lightning Superior, and cause of being made like that, it made her ammuned to the lightning in her body and in fact can control it now. She began to consider Superiors as "Gods" and wants more powers to be like them. However, the rouge sciencetists realised that Sharla was too grateful of the gift and tried to correct their mistake out of avoiding getting arrested, but Sharla quickly sensed she was on her own for her quest to become a goddess and escaped! She escaped Hades and devoted herself to become the Goddess that Kratos will love and fear. She even already gained followers in the form of some teenage Vultures she corrupted into her henchmen now dubbed as "The Voltures", as she has named herself "Lightning Strike", in honor to both her powers and the fact she survived a lightning strike. The Lougers and Thunderclap, including The Justic Teens are in desperate need to put this tragic but still very dangerious creature in her place before her quest for false-godhood is atthived, or even before the twins capture her and keep her a secret to protect their part in making her happen and avoid being arrested. While considered an Illitcit Superior to Overworld Kratos, because she got powers from Hades, it does tecnecally mean she is a superior, if though still not legally. She is the second of the reveiled Devientart showcased villains to be placed in The Wiki. Her powers include electricity manipulation, weather manipulation, invisibility, super-agility, and super endurance.
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Deviantart Description

Thunderclap's lost sister who was aducted by rouge super-powered sciencetists from Kratos and turned her into a super-powered mutant fiend. As the name suggest, her powers strictly consist of her being lightning based. Ergo, she named herself Lightning Strike ever since. She pretty much started her own criminal synicate of rouge superior vultures based on High School steriotypes and is on a relentless quest to become a "Superior Goddess" through becoming Omipotent. As a result, she's considered Kratos' most troubling super-villainess as a result.


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  • "Why, brother..... What a litterally shocking surprise to see you here."
  • "So, I see your no longer a cowerd. I'm glad for you. Though I'll miss the days where I always have to protect you. I did legitamently enjoyed that you know. What I'm being the only family you have now, Meek-keeno."
  • "Yeah. His REAL name is "Meek-Keeno". It best discribes his "problem" of being so cuteingly shy and well, meekly. My real name was Sharla, as you all just heard from my baby bro."
  • "Well, DUH silly! The Storm didn't really KILLED me! It just sort've knocked me into unconjustusness where I needed being rescued by these magnifisent beings called the Superiors, and they made me one of them as well. Look at this power, I process, brother. (Activates her powers) I, I am almost a goddess.... But it's still nothing compaired to what I truely wish for goddesshood."
  • "I am ABOVE the normals now! Now, I want to return the favor to these almost godly beings by becoming their goddess queen!? I want more power?! I want goddesshood! I want all of Kratos to worship me! I WANT THE UNIVERSES TO KNOW, FEAR, AND LOVE, OF MY NAME?! I, WANT TO BE QUEEN!? (Starts singing) OH I JUST CAN'T WAIT TO BE QUEEEEN?! (Laughs and screeches at the same time?!)"
  • "Ohhh, Baby bro, I am touched by your concern, but I need to asend to goddesshood! That way, I can simply control the universe with my benvolent, IRON-WINGED RULE!? But ya know, baby bro.... I could always use a wing-man. I'll help you asend into godhood."
  • "Welly well well, brother. I'm surprised how willing you are to stick to your guns like that. My offer will still stand after I proved you wrong. AND I will! Till then.... Ta-ta!"
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